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Posted on Jun 8th 2011 at 04:12:54 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Birthday, Pain Yourself With Submissions, Contest

It was seven years ago today that a group of wonderful people put this site on the Internet for everyone across the world to use. While a lot has changed in the past seven years, I bet we have more variations now than there were total game entries when the site first launched, the mission of the site has not changed. We're here to serve YOU, the community, this is your database. The site may have been started by Michael Collins, Eddie Herrmann, Mark Hartholt, Laurel Settee, Mike Leon, and Rick Kuethe, but its been you guys and every member for the past seven years that has made this website what it is today.

And to celebrate everyone who has made this site so awesome, we have a contest every year that starts on April 28th and ends today, June 8th. During this contest, we challenge you guys to PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS and submit as much as you possibly can in an all out war against empty game pages.

And boy, did you guys answer the call this year! 8,622 images alone were added to the database. Imagine if those images were printed out as 4" x 6" prints and laid side by side, they'd stretch out over 0.8 miles. There were also more than a thousand entries added to the DB, and almost 2000 entries were edited. All this in just over a month, its truly astounding.

Now, there is the matter of announcing a winner to this contest. Is the winner blcklblskt who added over 200 entries? Or was it Shadow Kisuragi who made over 800 page edits? Maybe it was Izret101 who approved nearly 4500 submissions? Perhaps it was Crabmaster2000 for making 43 blog comments? Even though these gentlemen all kicked butt in those categories, it was actually Aeroc who won it all! During the contest, he added more than 3500 images which when combined with his other contributions, earned him 53,543 points.

To round out the top ten points gainers, we have
  • blcklblskt with 30,406 points
  • Necron99 with 10,958 points
  • y2richie with 10,737 points
  • Crabmaster2000 with 9,553 points
  • Shadow Kisuragi with 6,821 points
  • Izret101 with 4,742 points
  • raffa1985 with 4,311 points
  • ixtaileddemonfox with 3,529 points
  • douglie007 with 2,547 points

Congratulations Aeroc! You're now the winner two years in a row! You'll be receiving a PM shortly regarding your prize.

As for the rest of you, thank you for participating, you all did an excellent job and really gave Aeroc a run for the contest this year. He only had 21,000 points last year, so the competition was much stiffer this year! Let's keep that spirit going the rest of the year, and make RF Generation's 7th year the best one yet!

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I made a bet with aeroc at the beginning of the competition that if he made 2000+ image submissions, I would personally send him a prize package from my own collection. He well surpassed that amount in May, so I'll be sending out your prize package on Thursday.

Thanks for stepping up and well surpassing the mark for the bet, though now you'll have a much harder time winning next year!
@Shadow Kisuragi:
Mission Accomplished. Now we can get a new winner next year, unless Aeroc's been holding back...
Congratulations Aeroc!! Well earned. Even if I didnt have computer issues I couldnt have come close to that. Both you and Blcklblskt were more than impressive.
Thanks guys, I don't think I would've contributed as much as I did without all the competition. And sadly I am almost out of games to scan, so unless I grow my collection before next year's competition I may not be much of a challenge. =)
Wow, fantastic guys. I am very humbled by those kinds of submissions!
Great job guys!  I just couldn't keep up with aeroc!  I had a ton of fun submitting stuff to the database, and it also gave me a chance to go through my collection and update it.  It should now be pretty much 100% accurate, which makes me very happy.

Also, like aeroc, I've submitted pretty much everything I possibly could.  Maybe it is time to start buying lots of Japanese N64 games. Cheesy
...and now, I can start scanning all of my images for next year and actually have a chance of winning as a staff member!

I only got about half of what I wanted to add in there this year so hopefully I can give you some competition again next year.
Congratulations to you all.
Great work in helping RF Gen's database to continue to expand!
Tongue I have lots of games to scan and lots of Hardware thats not on the site yet to add Smiley sooo should I wait til next year Smiley
@ aeroc : so I know that you couldnt have scanned all that stuff in one month, did you have most done already waiting
Honestly, I was joking. I wouldn't hold back submissions to the database just because I wanted a chance at winning. If I wanted a chance at winning, I would've tried harder this year.
@Shadow Kisuragi: I tried saving images a couple years ago to submit them for the contest, but I ended up with a folder of hundreds of raw scans that just became a daunting task to go through, edit, and submit. So now they're still sitting there, with a few getting added here and there whenever I get some spare time.
@ douglie: I have lots of free time, all my submissions were scanned during the contest. I would just get into a groove and listen to some podcasts while I go through my collection. If you sit on a collection of scans too long someone might beat you to submit them, and that's just wasted time.

53K points for the winner versus just over 30K for the first runner-up?

Talk about a blowout of epic proportions...
I was wondering what the combined overall stats would be. A hefty amount there. I wasn't competing this year but bought about 100 or so games and still working through cleaning them up and scanning. Sunday is a pretty good day to catch up.
Whoa, congrats aeroc and everyone else!

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