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Posted on Mar 29th 2014 at 12:31:12 AM by (bickman2k)
Posted under Site news, Minor breakage

Site's back on the new server. Will be working on fixing avatar images in the morning.

Please let us know of any issues you run in to.

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Great work, and I know all about the struggles of server work.  Thank you to all all involved.
Indeed. Bravo to those improving the site behind the scenes!
Hey the website is fast now! Very excellent work!
Hey, we're on hardware 4x better than what we had, and the harddrives aren't failing!
Its so smooth!!!
It... it loads so quickly... how is this even possible? I... I just... wow.
That's what happens when you get on a decent host with decent hardware.

Oh, and avatars and the RFG Collection banners are back.
I happened to have gotten a faster internet connection at the same time the site is down. It's so fast I just got whiplash.
This site is too fast now.  I would like much more downtime!

On a serious note, yes!  The site is back!
Back and faster than ever.  Great work, guys!
A few things of note:
We mistakenly didn't port over our API subdomain, so there will be a few things not working - namely, the RFGen App and Media Format on submissions. There are also a few other non-working things that we've seen and need to address. If you see ANYTHING non-working, please bring it up in the Announcements and Feedback forum.
so.... smoooooooth......
Yey, so nice so far
This is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks to all who made the effort to get this puppy running smooth again.
Niiiice, awesome work!  Ultra fast Smiley
Woohoo! Great work!
Smoking fast!!!!
I am very impressed with what this has done for the site, Combined with my upgrade from a single core processor with 256 MB of RAM to a Quad with 4GB of RAM...this is a completely different experience. Let's put this new hardware through its' paces!
rfgeneration.com still redirects to the rfgeneration404.wordpress.com/
It doesn't for me - sure you don't need to clear cache?
Nice work gents! Thanks for all of the hard work behind the scenes.
^^ Must've been the cache, I tried on another computer and it worked fine.
api is working as well, so the app and other functions should be up as well.
Some of the submissions i did last week are gone, like the images i provided for Master System Evolution (blue).
Is it just images? If so, we can find out why it didn't pull the newer images. DB entry's here, and sure enough your Extra Media image is missing:
@Shadow Kisuragi: Yeah, just images. Only the extra media one is still there, but hardware, front, back and manual are missing. I could've provide it again, but the site don't let me do it anymore.
@raffa1985: I'm doing one more full pull from the old server today and will see what is missing.
Images I submitted as far back as Feb. seem to be missing.

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