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Posted on Jun 3rd 2013 at 09:35:32 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Over 8000 submissions this month? What could have possibly created such a huge influx of submissions? Maybe it has to do with that contest thing going on. Yeah, that's probably it. With the awesome prizes, I don't see how anyone could resist making hundreds of submissions, or in Crabmaster's case, thousands of submissions...

Apparently, Crabmaster really wants another RFGen T-shirt and his choice of a game valued up to $60. Because he was the top submitter in May with 3,272 submissions. But, if you want that shirt and game, there's still hope for you in the contest. You have until June 8th to make more submissions.

Crabmaster isn't the only competition this year though, plenty of people have been kicking butt this month. Rounding out the top ten this month for submissions we have Bildtstar, Madir, ApolloBoy, ericeskapade, Tynstar, Izret101, ixtaileddemonfox, Shadow Kisuragi, and Addicted.

As always, all those submissions would just sit in submission limbo without our crack team of reviewers. The top reviewers this month were Tynstar, Bildtstar, and Shadow Kisuragi.

So thanks to everyone who has submitted and reviewed submissions this month.

And if you're wondering what your odds are of winning the contest, I'm not telling you. But I will let you know who is winning, but you'll just have to guess how far behind you are from the leader. And if you want to win, just keep those submissions coming, you've got a few days, which is actually enough time to make enough submissions to win. You may have to give up some sleep and food, but you can still submit while you're using the toilet, we won't even know the difference.

The ten members with the highest scores as of this writing are as follows: Crabmaster2000, techwizard, Bildtstar, ericeskapade, ixtaileddemonfox, Zagnorch, Madir, Addicted, h1ghw1nd, and A8scooter. If that's you, then congrats, you're doing pretty good so far. But if you want to do better or if your name has a "2000" in it, you should keep those submissions coming in, you never know when you'll get passed up in this intense competition. And if your name is absent from that list, you still have a shot, don't be discouraged (hint: screenshots are a great way to get a ton of points). That T-shirt can still have anyone's name on it at this point!

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Did Aeroc drop off the planet???
@Duke.Togo: I saw him post in the comment section of the June Community Play blog and my heart dropped......... I'm so scared!!!!!

Everyone remember that I'm staff so I get my score cut in half too. All hope is not lost if you're starting late.
What? I had 15 submissions in May! That's gotta be worth a solid 70 points, at least.
....Little does everyone know that aeroc has the ability to submit his own images to the database, and I know he has some screenshots in his back pocket. I wonder how many he's saved up...
@Shadow Kisuragi:I'm aware. Thats why I'm nervous Wink
Time to unload these 5,000 screens I've been saving up.

Just kidding ^_^ I do have a pile of stuff I'm about to get on though.
I need to replace my broken scanner Sad
@wildbil52: An updated scanner is the next thing on my list for my game room.
I think its time to bring the screens to the floor front.  Also for next time I need to learn about how to do blogging. ( I should have asked that at the begining of the contest but its something ill be looking into learning about for next time. Im glad to be able to contribute to this fine site.  Too bad I limit myself to only 1 system of collecting / gaming or I probably would have had alot more to contribute.  I like my little IPhone for photos and cropping them properly. But for manuals I think I might look into a scanner.
I Have 7 submissions sitting in limbo Smiley and Im adding 14 more games and all have scans waiting Smiley I cant believe I didnt make the list Smiley 
@A8scooter: All users have a blog. Just go to Blogs in the menu, then my blog. Write away!
I should start taking some screenshots since I'm not using my new capture device for actual video capture.
Any calculations of the final top 10. Suspense is killin me.
@A8scooter: Winner will be announced "soon".

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