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Posted on Apr 27th 2012 at 04:10:22 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Birthday, Pain Yourself With Submissions, Contest, 2012

Here at RF Generation, we appreciate all the work each and every one of you does, we really do. Its all that volunteer work that makes this place the treasure that it is. So, as a token of our appreciation, we like to hold a contest every year for you guys. I'm sure by now, our veterans are very familiar with it, but for those of you that have joined within the last year, let me introduce you to the PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS Contest.

Essentially, the contest boils down to this: Be active on the site and you get points, the person with the most points wins! Sounds simple right? It is, but there are a few more things you need to know to fully understand how it will work.

First off, keep in mind while this contest may not be easy to win (last year's winner had well over 3000 submissions), any little bit you can do to contribute is appreciated. And we've tweaked the point system from last year, so hopefully the contest will be a bit more unpredictable to give more people a fair shot at winning.

Here's how the point breakdown will work:
  Title Addition: 5 Points
   Variation Addition: 6 Points
   Page Edit*: 2 Points
   Review*: 50 Points
   Overview*: 20 Points
   Image Upload: 10 Points
   Submission Review**: 1 Point
   Blog Post*: 30 Points
   Blog Comment: 1 Point
   Forum Post: 1 Point
   Forum Karma: See Explanation

*Regarding the asterisk: For page edits, if it is noticed that you are consistently only adding one field per edit multiple times for a single ID just to up your points, you will be disqualified. Any review or overview completed will count as a page edit as well the points for an overview or review. To get the points for an overview or review you MUST contact me via Personal Message so that I can keep a tally. In addition, the review or overview must be on the actual game / hardware page. A review or overview of poor quality could result in less points than stated being granted. The same statement holds true for blog posts.

Regarding Forum Karma: Because we want the forum to be a lively place of fun and interesting posts, we're enabling Karma during this contest. Karma rewards members that make good posts and smites those who do not. Your Karma will play a wildcard role in posts. Positive Karma at the end of the contest will increase your point total by a factor, while negative karma will decrease it.

As with any contest, there is fine print. Any submission that you make must adhere to the RF Generation Policies and Guidelines. We wrote these policies and guidelines for a reason, and well, wed like everyone to adhere to them. Failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in a disqualification.

Any point reduction or disqualification can be contested. In the event that you wish to contest, you must explain why the reduction or disqualification is unfair. If you win the contest, well restore your greatness, but if you lose, you shall be pelted with figurative rocks and garbage.

Everyone, except for the directors of this site, is in this contest. Because staff members get that extra point for each submission review, and those staff members will have thousands of submissions to review in addition to their own submissions, their total score will be halved to make things a bit more fair and lively.

So now that you know all the rules and have the scanner warming up, you probably want to know what you can win. Well, don't worry, its quite a substantial prize. The winner will receive their choice of gaming swag (not to exceed $60) plus an official RF Generation Ringer T-shirt!

The contest will start on April 28th, at midnight and will come to and end on June 8th. So get your stuff ready, the contest will start soon.

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Count me in, sirs Smiley
I can't wait until finals are over so I can get started on the contest.  Aeroc, I'm going to try and give you a challenge again.  Smiley
Time to get crackin'.
Image upload point nerf, my bread and butter! Good luck to all!
@aeroc: Had to make it competitive. Wink
I was actually thinking of doing a few reviews...didn't know there was a review function on here to be honest, so perhaps I'll use it to contribute to the database...
@the_wizard: There isn't a review function per se, but an option to add your review to a game page.  Or, you could do a blog as well.
This contest is doing absolutely wonderful so far, in the few days the contest has been running, we've added over 1,000 new screenshots, 300 new scans, and 200 new titles to the DB! Way to go guys, you're really working for your prizes this year!

But don't worry if you haven't submitted anything yet, there is still plenty of time to catch up!

@the_wizard_666: Yes, we love having reviews of games in the DB. Unfortunately, most games don't have them, which is why we increased the points you can get for doing reviews this year.
You guys still have an entire month to get those submissions in! Our members have already added almost 3,500 new images to the DB this contest.

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