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Posted on Jun 28th 2012 at 11:18:46 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Birthday, Pain Yourself With Submissions, Contest, 2012, Results

The results are in for the record setting 2012 PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS contest. This year's winner really went above and beyond the call of duty, but he wasn't alone at the top. There was a close second place contestant that truly gave him a run for his money. As usual, the winner focused heavily on image submissions, something of which we always appreciate greatly. 5,575 images were submitted by this member alone through the course of the contest. Along with the other submissions this person made, they earned a staggering 55,945 points. More than 2,000 more points than last year's winner!
This year's second place winner submitted a close second place point total of 39,152.

So you're probably what awesome members we have that would submit like mad men to achieve such greatness here at RFGeneration. So, without further ado, the 2012 PAIN YOURSELF WITH SUBMISSIONS Contest winner is .... Aeroc. This is Aeroc's third year in a row of winning the contest. So a big Congratulations goes out to him for this achievement. Everyone here at RFG appreciates your dedication.

So who was the valiant RFG soldier who fought so hard in his attempt to topple Aeroc this year? It was Crabmaster2000 of course. He made a solid attempt, but just came up short. I heard he's already healing his carpal tunnel scanner hand and preparing for next year's contest. Will he be able to topple the reigning three-time champion? Maybe it will be YOU who topples him, or will Aeroc continue his domination? Only time will tell.

So what does Aeroc win? Well, he wins the usual $60 of gaming swag of his choice and this sweet RFG Ringer-T:

For the rest of you that attempted this great challenge, I know some of you fought hard and some of you didn't even realize you were competing. But I thank you for your work regardless of how many points you scored, every little bit really does help make the site better.

To round out the top 10 point gainers this year we have:
disloyalhead - 11,285 points
nupoile - 4,367 points
Tynstar - 3,980 points
Duke.Togo - 2,883 points
Sirgin - 2,854 points
raffa1985 - 2,138
Paully3433 - 1,937 points
blcklblskt - 1,874 points

Once again, I'd like to thank and congratulate everyone who participated this year. Without a solid community like you guys willing to submit like crazy we would never have been able to become THE Classic and Modern Video Games Database. But don't forget that you don't need to wait for the contest, we're happy to accept your submissions all year long!

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Well played Aeroc! I hope I at least made you doubt your victory this year, even if it was just for a second.
Crabby, what wasn't said here is that you technically won, but since you're Staff, your score is automatically halved. Tongue Good effort though!
Fantastic job everyone! This is one of the reasons I call this site home, everyone here is really dedicated.
Nice work everyone and congrats Aeroc!
Way to go everyone!
Yes I was in doubt that I could win for most of the contest since I was mostly playing catch-up. I had to stop with the scanner and do screenshots exclusively. I saw that Crabmaster was staff, but he didn't seem to be a submission reviewer, so I wasn't sure if his score would be halved or not. Either way your effort was incredible and I should've lost if not for that staff clause. I'm very glad to win 3 years in a row, can I put that on my resume?
Sorry, you'll have to scan your resume first before we can approve it. Grin
Since you've won 3 years in a row, feel like being a DB Contributor so we don't need to approve your stuff and give someone else a shot? You'll still be eligible (unlike I), but it'll be at a handicap for increased challenge.
Awesome job aeroc, crabmaster, and every one else who entered.

I vote we make aeroc DB Contributor so his score can be halved...err, so he doesn't have to get his submissions approved.  Grin
Good job aeroc! Way to go everyone. I am amazed at all the work so many people do around here.
Congrats aeroc and crabmaster!

Yay, I made the Top 10! Smiley
I didn't make the Top 10 Sad
@Deafens Proner: You were actually #11.
Nice going guys! I need to start buying more games. I'm running out of stuff to scan. It's gonna be a good year!
@NES_Rules: Really?!?
If you're importing, don't forget to include us other Xbox 360 guys! Tynstar, izret and I all own an Xbox 360 for every region.

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