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Posted on Oct 20th 2009 at 11:39:40 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Site News, Staff, New Staff, Blogs, Blog Writer, Crabmaster2000

As a Director of this fine site, I'd like to welcome the newest addition to the RFGen staff, Crabmaster2000! He will be joining the ranks of the RFG staff as a Blog Writer, which means he'll be gracing the front page of RFGeneration more often. He will be writing about the 'Unloved' games that most of us pass by as well as giving a description of the current month's "Off The Shelf" game, which was also a creation of his.

So, fellow members, take the time to congratulate Crabmaster2000, he certainly deserves it! And remember to keep it on Channel 4 to read his and all the wonderful blog posts on THE Classic and Modern Video Games Database!

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Congrats Crabmaster! It's time to stop playing and start writing Wink
congrats crabmaster, its well deserved and your blogs are always a good read

Awesome! Crabmaster deserves this. His Unloved series is my favorite series of blog posts on RFG, and he somehow managed to coordinate the Off The Shelf Game Club into something very exciting rather quickly. Good for you, man!
Great to hear. He is a top notch guy and glad to see him on the staff.
good choice guys hope i can become a staff member someday. Crabmaster deserves this Smiley
Welcome to the team!
Congrats Crabmaster! I look forward to reading your next entry!
Way to go Crabman! Congratz.
Congrats Crabmaster
Rfgen has been a very important place for me this last year and I'm extremely excited to be able to contribute back to the community in this way. I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone. Thanks for the encouragement!!
Congrats Crabby! You're the best!
Congratulations Crabmaster!!!
Very good news indeed, and well deserved.  Looking forward to your articles!
Welcome aboard crabmaster!
Congrats crabby Smiley
Congratulations Crabmaster. I always enjoy your posts.
Hey Crabman
Crabby deserves this honor

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