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Posted on Sep 10th 2013 at 04:28:33 PM by (bickman2k)
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Hey guys! I'm late on this one, but we have another set of thanks to give out for August!

In August, we had 2550 submissions! 2324 of those being games and the other 226 were hardware. That's back up from our summer lull of July! This month also pushed us over 30,000 submissions on the year! Thanks to everyone who submitted!

The top submitters for August were: ApolloBoy with 1043 submissions! Nearly half! Then there was Shadow Kisuragi with 328, thegreatska with 236, Sirgin with 154, and ericeskapade with 127 to round out the other members with over 100 submissions.

The top approvers for August were: Shadow Kisuragi with 390, Tynstar with 215, Paully3433 with 198, and ApolloBoy with 118!

Great job everyone! Let's keep up the awesome work!

Posted on Jun 3rd 2013 at 09:35:32 PM by (NES_Rules)
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Over 8000 submissions this month? What could have possibly created such a huge influx of submissions? Maybe it has to do with that contest thing going on. Yeah, that's probably it. With the awesome prizes, I don't see how anyone could resist making hundreds of submissions, or in Crabmaster's case, thousands of submissions...

Apparently, Crabmaster really wants another RFGen T-shirt and his choice of a game valued up to $60. Because he was the top submitter in May with 3,272 submissions. But, if you want that shirt and game, there's still hope for you in the contest. You have until June 8th to make more submissions.

Crabmaster isn't the only competition this year though, plenty of people have been kicking butt this month. Rounding out the top ten this month for submissions we have Bildtstar, Madir, ApolloBoy, ericeskapade, Tynstar, Izret101, ixtaileddemonfox, Shadow Kisuragi, and Addicted.

As always, all those submissions would just sit in submission limbo without our crack team of reviewers. The top reviewers this month were Tynstar, Bildtstar, and Shadow Kisuragi.

So thanks to everyone who has submitted and reviewed submissions this month.

And if you're wondering what your odds are of winning the contest, I'm not telling you. But I will let you know who is winning, but you'll just have to guess how far behind you are from the leader. And if you want to win, just keep those submissions coming, you've got a few days, which is actually enough time to make enough submissions to win. You may have to give up some sleep and food, but you can still submit while you're using the toilet, we won't even know the difference.

The ten members with the highest scores as of this writing are as follows: Crabmaster2000, techwizard, Bildtstar, ericeskapade, ixtaileddemonfox, Zagnorch, Madir, Addicted, h1ghw1nd, and A8scooter. If that's you, then congrats, you're doing pretty good so far. But if you want to do better or if your name has a "2000" in it, you should keep those submissions coming in, you never know when you'll get passed up in this intense competition. And if your name is absent from that list, you still have a shot, don't be discouraged (hint: screenshots are a great way to get a ton of points). That T-shirt can still have anyone's name on it at this point!

Posted on Jan 2nd 2008 at 03:21:57 PM by ([Tan:realName])
Posted under Site News, Stats, Thank you, Database

2007 was a big year for RFGen. Hundreds of new members, new staff, new features, new scripts, new tools, new designs and banners (thanks Dennis!), a new store to help fund the server costs and an increased level of community participation!

Along the way we broke records, raised the bar, improved the site in so many ways your brain would melt trying to remember it all. The Admins, Editors, Staff and most importantly the Members, have helped mold and shape RFGen into the site it is today. So first off, let me quote a few 2007 database statistics for you:

41358 game submissions of all types
  5956 hardware submissions of all types
====== equaling
47314 total submissions for 2007 alone! Shocked

Meanwhile behind the scenes, our three Administrators: Eddie (St0rmTK421), David (TraderJake) and Scott (Tynstar) have worked tirelessly fixing errors and bugs, making new policies and scripts, adding new features to the site for all of us to use, guiding us with their leadership and all of this despite busy schedules, jobs, school and real life in general that can eat away at your time even in the most ideal of circumstances.

One of these new features that really hit it's stride in 2007 is the ability to log submissions and submission approvals. It's handy because we can thank each and every one of you for your contributions. So for 2007, we'd like to thank the following members:

Top Submitters

Funk_Buddy, Pop Culture Portal, Belgarath, Tynstar, OatBob, marriott_guy, Fuyukaze, y2richie, ApolloBoy, NES_Rules, James, Kevincal, TurboGrafxer AKA DCer, Mezmoron, sharp, Fighter17, AndyC, eaglebeak99, briskbc, Speedy_NES, Alabama-Shrimp, s1lence, Izret101, Magewout, Rajaat the Warbringer, tholly, freak_boy, Tondog, BadKarma, bum-man, esquire, captain_nintendo, epv39, Samada, zodiacprime, lackofselfcontrol, Donkey Kong Kid, PingvinBlueJeans, Malygris, cverz2, JWKobayashi, RAMBO, lovablechevy, Shrooin, DevIancE, lwelyk, Rorschach, TraderJake, Tretiy, Matt Rideout (dotDarkCloud), logical123, Barracuda, Cobra, djbeatmongrel, aicrob, hybrid, IamtheHBOMB, shaggy, mrdaggiman, Shimra, Wempster, Kollision, Retromangia, Cambot, meg@driver, itatton, den68, eternalblue81, JeFIzM, octbane, pvtmurre, Untamed, woutie, Corvus, gorez, DeathByNinja, blissfulnoise, Duckface, NekoOtaku, chrisbid, Vokyous, Icarus Moonsight, CatchFiveBats, anton10000, dom meatball, Lios, WarLordAG, DarthKur, Goodapollo666, KallowayAshton, hardart, ozzymandd, SchnattAttack, Xevious, ganonbanned, Innervision, MachiavellianNerd, R-21, Grim Fandango, Lenneth, RedHerring, samo, DefaultGen, le geek, Reps911, shadowforte, TheBoss, Bassgrabber, MF Dagger, phoenix1967, policenaut, TheQFactor, atari_wizard, jbiohazard3069, jcalder8, Alfador, marty_b11, Nintendonut1983, Platypus Stan, shoes23, twitami, Ackman, eldergod, Ghost Soldier, grimbasement, Matt-El, Retrogamer72, St0rmTK421, Valdiuss, Xizer, 0x15e, ChrisHavius, KamatsuKyoto, Ronin_Sixshooter, ShawnFox, udisi, VACRMH, Yggdrasil, Yurf, Antimind, brianon, dauber, diediemydarling, djknightime, dodgersfan7800, douglie007, GagaMan, GameRiley, Ghostzidane, hypercentric, Jade, jferio, Kitsune, Moriya Hanzo, Nonnolion, panda_racer, RetroYoungen, Sauza12, Schwalbe, silentscythe, vash_san, Vultar, Zabdi, Zed, ztaKxileF, Tan.


Also a big thanks go out to the staff who besides their own submissions and contributions, review and approve member submissions on an almost daily basis. Here are the top staff approvers for 2007:

Top Approvers

Tynstar, OatBob, marriott_guy, Fuyukaze, AndyC, bum-man, Belgarath, Tondog, ApolloBoy, Magewout, Mezmoron, Izret101, s1lence, shadowforte, sharp, TraderJake, JWKobayashi, Funk_Buddy, Speedy_NES, captain_nintendo, tholly, freak_boy, Tan.


As you can see it takes a tremendous amount of community support and staff to make RFGen the success it is. From the staff who have specific departments and areas of expertise, the members who spend hours scanning, submitting and discussing, to the weekly polls & chats (thanks Norville!) and forums that make this a second home for many of our over 1500 registered members. It's great to see that after three and a half years this site is still moving forward at such a fast pace. Here's to 2008 becoming another banner year for this site and it's members!

Posted on Nov 2nd 2007 at 01:50:25 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Site News, Stats, Submissions

No one should be forgotten. Such was the statement of the first webmaster of the site, and such is our ideology today. To help people get a grasp of those who contribute to our site, I have made submission stats available to view.  They can be found under the submit menu as Submission Stats. Please note that these stats only are valid back to about November of 2006, when we began logging submissions. I apologize if you made a lot of submissions prior to November of last year. I wish I could say that we have logged your submission, but we just have no feasible way to determine when you made submissions. Your submissions though will always be documented on each game or hardware page.

I hope you enjoy the new toy, and stay tuned... more is to follow when you keep it on channel 3.

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