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Posted on May 18th 2012 at 08:42:58 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, NES, Nintendo

Most gamers that have been around for any amount of time have experienced Super Mario Bros in some fashion. I'm no exception and grew up with Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 as staples in my gaming education. All three are regularly named for their high quality, impact on the industry and most importantly for being fun.

Over the years my gaming tastes have waxed and waned, constantly evolving as I experience (or re-experience) more titles, reflect on past adventures and struggle to overlook my nostalgic feelings. The Mario brothers are often at the fore front of such conflict. With all three of these games being so important to my gaming career (I like to pretend I get paid) did one stand above the others? If so, which one?

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Posted on Sep 4th 2007 at 07:01:17 PM by (Mezmoron)
Posted under Site News, Super Mario Bros 3, Luigi, Cars, SNES, Turbo Touch 360, Nintendo, NES, jtaylor

Super Mario Bros. 3This week, it's time to bring out the big gun!

Our featured game this week is Super Mario Bros. 3! A favorite for many, many gamers. Maybe it is because we all grew up with this game, maybe it is because it is just stellar in every way, or maybe it is because of the silly plumber that we have all been trained to see as the poster boy of Nintendo.

Honestly, I think the answer is in all three. This is a game we grew up playing, it is a wonderful game from nearly every angle, and it does star the famous poster boy Mario. That aside, in Super Mario Bros. 3, you take on the role of Mario to defeat the evil Koopa King Bowser and his friends. With many more abilities than in the previous games, you have to be quicker, smarter, and more cunning than ever before! Check this game out if you haven't already. If you haven't, I feel sorry for you.

Our featured image comes from the Nintendo DS's Cars. This is a cute game full of races and mini-games. It is obviously based on the wildly popular Disney/Pixar movie. How could I not pick this image? Look at the car. He's so cuuuuuute! Well, my wife thinks so anyway.

Our featured hardware is in my opinion, terrible. The Turbo Touch 360 for the SNES is so hard to use, not sensitive, and not comfortable. Disagree with me? Let me know!

Lastly, our featured collection is from jtaylor. The collection may be small, but they definitely have some great games (including our featured game)! I bet our featured collection's owner has some great stories about where some of these games came from. Send him a message and find out!

Well, that's it for now folks. In the meantime, send checks payable to me and keep it tuned to channel 3!

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