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Posted on May 6th 2014 at 10:16:59 PM by (bickman2k)
Posted under Thank you, Community, Fireside chat

Just over 5 years ago, I wrote a small blog post thanking the community. It may not have been seen by many that are here currently, but I was just thinking about it tonight. Here's the contents of that blog post.

"Over the years, gaming has gone from a sort of niche hobby to a full-blown, mainstream activity. I seen gaming go from an activity that only a few of my friends growing up did to dorm room gaming to my 1080p, 5.1 audio setup at home. The first community I was a fairly active member of was the GameFAQs forum. Did the collection on IGN, tried out Digital Press forums before finding my way here. I lurked for a while, primarily using only the Collection tools. I finally started posting more and more, and the people here are extremely nice and really my kind of people. Then came the chat.

I jumped in, and as the new guy, I sort of found it difficult to jump in. After 2-3 times (that I could tell), I felt like I was starting to feel as a part of the group. I am now on a first name basis with pretty much everyone in chat. This type of small community is what I need. I grew up in a small town, and that's the sort of vibe I get here. These people are RFGeneration, down to the roots.

I'm very thankful for this place. It's kind of hard for someone like me to put myself out there and jump into conversation, but when I did, I wish I would have sooner. I plan on sticking around for a long time and I really hope that the community grows while keeping the roots of the small site. I consider all of you my friends and hope to meet many more of you along the way.

Thank you."

I re-read that when I was thinking of it and I still feel it is relevant, even 5 years later.

It's been quite a ride since then. Personally, I have gone through ups and downs. Trouble at work. A minor bout with depression. A new job. And now my family is going to be getting bigger in a few months. I'm now selling and trading more of my collection off rather than hoarding every single thing. The site has gone through some issues and come through very strong after each of them.

This site has been a huge part of me. Despite the fact that I haven't been posting as much as of late, I still stop in to threads as I can. I've gained more and more friends. I started and gradually wound down a podcast only for another team to jump in and step in with their take in a huge way! We have an app!

I went from a user and the occasional (non-staff) contributor on the blogs and database to a director.

We had 3 years of forum posts that were gone... Thought the whole thing was going to be lost. But it's always come back. We had months of nagging server issues from speed to just plain failures. But we're back on a blazing server.

I know, it's not the standard "Thanks" blog post, but I really felt that I needed to let every single member know that as long as I'm here, I'll try everything I can to ensure that this site stays up and running. It's not for me (well, not all for me). It's for everyone that uses this site. It's for the community of RF Generation and for video games in general.

But I can't nor don't do it by myself. There is an excellent group of people on staff that take what they do seriously. There are plenty of users who submit data on new games and old, pictures and screenshots, to try to document everything that we can on a game or hardware.

So, this is to everyone. Thank you all for continuing to make RF Generation the best site on the web.

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Very well said. It's always a pleasure to be here, and I appreciate everything you've done to make this a great hangout. 5 years ago I was coming back from the edge of death, and found my way here not long after. I have a fantastic time with everyone, and am glad to be a part of something great.
It's been more than three years since I typed the words "video game checklist" in the Google search field, and RF Generation was the very first result. Just a few days after I registered, I discovered that I'd not only found an amazing resource to keep better track of my ever-growing collection, but the folks who populated the discussion boards tended to be fairly friendly and approachable. And, best of all, they didn't take things too seriously... just seriously enough. A few weeks and several posts later, this place became my favorite internet hangout, and remains so to this day. I came for the game-tracking, and stayed for the people.

Turns out the first result on Google search was the only one I needed...
We love you too Smiley
Well said Adam. I feel the same way about this site myself. We really are lucky to have such a great community of people who love collecting and playing games, and there seems to be a great amount of respect among all of our members. No one gets paid for their efforts to make this site better and that says a lot about how much this place is loved and how much we value one another. Though it remains a fairly "faceless" site, and I'll probably never get to meet many of you, I've always felt at home here and that many of you are my friends. Thanks to all who keep this site going and continue to make it better than ever.
It's been 7 years since I found this site.  I too did the IGN thing and it wasn't covering anywhere near the variety of games I had.  I found RF Generation and found one of the best internet communities I have ever seen.  People are friendly, willing to help you when you have questions, and when I add things to the database they are approved withing 24 hours usually.  The staff and everyone on this site are really incredible.  Thanks for making this my favorite stop on the internet for the last 7 years. 
Thank you for all that you have done for us and continue to do. I know my life wouldn't be the same if I didn't have this community to share my love of gaming with.
Zagnorch was awesome enough to create a thread to discuss how we all came to live here at RFGeneration: http://www.rfgeneration.com/forum/index.php?topic=13844.msg197596

Thanks for the candid blog Adam. I couldn't say it better myself, and I'm hoping to have something to unveil next year for the site...
Well said, sir!  The community is more than enough to keep me coming back on a daily basis, not even mentioning the excellent database resources (and chance to improve it).  On a less general note, I'm an introvert, but regardless of this I've made some great friends within RFG  and even manage to put together an article or two every now and then.  Living vicariously through some serious collectors within the Small Scores thread (I can't be the only one who does this) and the joy of the Community Playthrough (new podcast, yay!), and it is no wonder that I'm here multiple times a day.

Now all we need is a live feed of Crabby's store and everything will be green Smiley

Thanks, guys, for making all of this happen.
A live feed of Crabby's store is something we could easily setup, though I suspect EngineerMike would probably hog the spotlight. Wink
@Shadow Kisuragi: "Thanks for the candid blog Adam. I couldn't say it better myself, and I'm hoping to have something to unveil next year for the site..."

You're finally gonna allow Skylanders figures to be added to the database? YES! My lifelong dream is finally coming true!

"A live feed of Crabby's store is something we could easily setup..."

We'll call it... The Crab Feed.


Actually, Norch...yes.
@Shadow Kisuragi: Wait, what? Now you're just messing with me...
I have been here for 1,5 years, and not only is this site a perfect keeper of my video-game-collection, which i submitted one by one trough the last winter-months, it is also a base with very nice people, that have always responded very polite in mails and comments, so that you get a very "welcome-feeling" beeing around here. The very cool podcast and the very cool idea with the monthly-play-through makes this site/project a thing i much more speak about to my girl-friend (which isn't so into gaming) than i should Wink thank you RF-Gen(ts)!!!
I check on the site periodically to see how Mike's (Mike Collins') "baby" is doing.  It's great to see how well you've all kept the site going over the years, and I'm sure Mike would be proud of it.  He made a lot of friends through RF-Gen, and I'm glad to see that is still happening for all of you.

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