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Posted on Aug 3rd 2015 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Thanks, July, 2015, submitters, approvers

Summer is hot and this July was a scorcher in terms of submissions! During last month alone, we more than doubled our production in June (2,207) with an amazing 5,408 total submissions!!!!  The submissions for July included 5,272 game submissions (3,360 of which were images) and 136 hardware submissions. Top contributors for the month of July include:

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 100) for July were:
FatherJack             3,455   (Super Awesome!)
Schlibby                  541 
Sauza12                 448
Shadow Kisuragi   387

Amazing effort guys!!!   

Top approvers for the month included:
Tynstar                    3,102
Shadow Kisuragi   1,781

It looks like we had another very impressive month from some of our newer members. Fantastic work, and please, keep the submissions coming! Thanks to everyone who submitted or approved submissions this month. We couldn't have the best video gaming database on the internet without all of you.   

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It's a nice place to be and a great place to contribute to. Well done guys.

I put a lot of effort into each and every contribution and my reward is trust in my contributions so thanks to the approvers for this. I couldn't actually live with myself (dramtic moment) if I started slacking off and putting any old rubish into my submissions so no worries there.

Just getting through the C64 games beginning with B at the mo. Once the alphabet is complete and compilations looked at and added then I'll probably move onto the C16, Amiga, GameBoy and SNES. Going to be busy for a long time.

Keep up the great work everyone
Got to keep the side up for the Brits Smiley

The PAL database on here is missing a lot of games and even more scans. Id encourage anyone else in a PAL country with a scanner to get stuck in contributing
Awesome work guys!!!
Good job everyone!  I am hoping to get more involved and contribute more as I can.
Wow, fantastic work!
Man, Fonz with that hand is creepy.

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