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Posted on Apr 4th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
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Sorry...couldn't resist one more

We had another great month of submissions in March a total of 4,540! Total submissions included 4,438 games and 102 hardware items added to our growing database. We had another strong effort from our international members and it's very nice to see our database and site becoming more diverse. Thanks to all of you who put forth such a good effort to help make the site an even more valuable tool for collectors.

Before I go into the submission and approval results from March, I'd like to recognize a few of our site members who were promoted last month.  Two of our international members, FatherJack and schlibby have accepted offers to join our database staff as DB Reviewers. Their outstanding efforts in growing our database over the last several months have been phenomenal and their knowledge will continue to help improve the information associated with our international submissions. Congratulations guys and welcome as full-time members of our staff!

I'd also like to mention that our outstandingly witty and handsome, editor-in-chief, singlebanana has been promoted to Site Director. No need to fear, he will still be handling all front page duties for your viewing pleasure and keeping you up-to-date with all the latest site news. If you see him around the office, please offer him your congratulations, but please remember to not become enchanted by his dashingly good looks and stare at him for too long. It makes him quite uncomfortable.

Now, on with this months top contributors!

Our top submitters (those with a minimum of 50) for March were:
FatherJack                   3,109
Kam1Kaz3 NL77             304
Schlibby                          178
Sauza12                          141
Shadow Kisuragi            136
Flee                                 136
toze3                                 71

Thanks for another great month!   

Top approvers for the month included:
Shadow Kisuragi            522
Schlibby                            84
FatherJack                        39
Flee                                   31

Great work everyone, please keep those submissions coming! 

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Thanks to the members who makes this thing work and keep the site/database running. Time is valuable, so your efforts shouldn't be (and for sure are not) taken for granted!
Good job and congratulations!
I really need to sit down and add all those unlisted PC games. I have... And take photos. Tongue Seriously. The folks who put in all this time to do this stuff deserve serious kudos. I've added a few things, but I just don't have time to do at at the level of some of the contributors here. You guys are awesome!
@Lendorien:  That would be awesome.  I also find the amount some of our contributors to be intimidating to a degree.  On my best month I was barely able to break 100, and that was several nights of scanning instead of gaming.

Hey, congrats on the promotion, Rich! 
So your that dashingly handsome dude strutting around the office. Must be those knee length boots and breeches you wear. Congrats on the promotion. Any chance of getting a new desk and chair please Wink
@FatherJack: NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

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