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Posted on Jul 14th 2014 at 10:49:09 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Thanks, thank you, June, 2014, submitters, approvers, submissions

First, let me start off by apologizing for the late post. We are well into half of July now and it has taken me until now to post this thanks. Rest assured, all of your contributions to the site are very much appreciated and will be recognized.

June was a very productive month here at RFGeneration in terms of submissions by our members. Submissions for the month totaled 5,300 items, which were comprised of 5,023 game submissions and 277 hardware submissions! Thank you to all of our submitters for the month of June and here is a list of those members who completed over 100 submissions:

Flee   - 1475   
Zagnorch   - 948
ae.tc    - 523   
Shadow Kisurag - 472   
ApolloBoy   - 350   
Sauza12   - 233
mumboking - 164
CoinCollector - 154
Sirgin - 106

Top approvers for the month of June were:

Shadow Kisuragi - 1288   
Tynstar - 1010   
Izret101 - 133   
ApolloBoy - 132

Thanks again to all who submitted and approved this month. Let's work to make July just as, if not more, productive.

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We are getting really close to a couple milestones for games and hardware totals on the site. 43 hardware submissions to 6000 and just a few hundred more for 90000 games!
I tried to submit more haha but I was a away for a while...someday I'll be on the list :-P
Congrats all, keep up the good work!

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