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Posted on Nov 21st 2007 at 02:42:36 AM by (Mezmoron)
Posted under Site News, Thanksgiving, Nintendo, NES, Wii, SNES, shaggy, Anticipation, Family Feud

This week is special for a lot of us.  Families are getting together to remember everything they're thankful for, a good meal, some board games with the cousins, or some good shopping deals.  The anticipation for that turkey to come out of the oven is great.  Well, what better game to feature than Anticipation for the NES?!  I know it's not one of the best NES games (nor is it in the top 100 most likely), but I felt that this was a great time to feature it!  It plays like a board game on your TV.  Read the review for my take.

Our featured image is from Family Feud on the SNES.  As I sit here watching a little TV, I see that Family Feud is on reruns right now.  It's starring that Al guy from Home Improvement.  It's basically the exact same show as 30 years ago.  Pretty amazing that it's still around in a similar form (...please, please return Wheel of Fortune to it's simpler, better days without hundreds of bonuses and crap quick puzzles).

Our featured hardware is the new Nintendo Wii glove from Nintendo themselves.  Maybe the TV market will start to die off since they may not be throwing their WiiMotes mindlessly.  Nevermind...people still will.

The featured collection is from shaggy.  Shaggy works extremely hard to keep his collection clean, organized, and complete.  I think he's slowly compiling a great collection!

Everyone, please have a safe, happy, and wonderful holiday.  Remember everyone that is in your life to allow you to eat that turkey this Thursday.  And when you've eaten your fill, come over to RFG to talk it up!

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