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Posted on Jul 2nd 2008 at 04:17:45 AM by (TraderJake)
Posted under The Best RPG Ever, Modern Gaming, Chrono Trigger, Square Enix, Nintendo DS

Kotaku posted it as rumor, a juicy juicy rumor to come out of Jump Magazine. Now, a tipster sends in a link to the Game Countdown Page. Holy, holy shit. Did I mention Holy Shit? I know I am the Site Director, but damn, it's real. It's real. Pop the Champagne, we've been waiting for a trip back to the Chrono Trigger Universe for a while. Can you blame us? It's been a long time. and we've missed you, Chrono.

Countdown Site [Square Enix, thanks Kevin!]

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Wow, this is utterly fantastic news. All I can really say about that.
wow, I bet this will crank up the already astronomical price of the original Chrono Trigger.
if this is something like an april fool's joke, someone is being very cruel.  the only thing left is the waiting to see if it gets a domestic release.  me wants badly.  yet another thing that makes me glad i got a DS.
Who gives a shit? Square sucks ass. Cheesy
Dont tell me your still upset over that review of MGS4.
Then please, for God's sake, don't post in any RPG-related topic, okay? If it doesn't interest you, fine, your choice. But why annoy others with your trolling? I am sorry, but that's the only term I can think of, when you're trying to diminish our happiness about the revival of a long-lost series...

Anyway, I hope it's not just a simple port...that would make this announcement rather obsolete, wouldn't it? A 3D remake could work on the DS, after all. Has anybody seen pictures of the upcoming Dragon Ball DS game? That game features rather impressive 3D renditions of Toriyama's characters for a DS game, and I am sure it might work here as well. Or could it be...that we're getting a completely new Chrono game? Perhaps the DS remake as some sort of an appetizer, and the new Chrono game on a next-gen system? Now THAT would be one hell of a revival. ^^
First MegaMan 9, Then Castlevania Judgement and now this.... I think I may die from all the excitement.
@Darth Sidious: If I didn't post in RPG messages, I won't maintain my image as a bitter guy that doesn't like JRPGs and likes being a jerk about it. :p

@Fuyukaze: GRRR!
I totally missed out on Chrono Trigger both times, the SNES and the PS1 versions, so maybe this can help me redeem myself!
@Silent Scythe
Sure, Mega Man 9 sounds nice, but...aren't you a bit diappointed that it's merely a WiiWare download title? I am sorry, but to me, that's just...not the real deal. I am a collector through and through, and I prefer my games with boxes and manuals - there's a huge difference for me between virtually having a game on your hardrive or visually and really having the game in your collection...which means that I am staying away from download titles, or that I won't consider them to be part of my collection in case I'd actually try WiiWare...it simply isn't my cup of tea as a collector. Especially when it comes to collecting titles of a certain series: imagine you're having Mega Man 1 - 8 standing somewhere in your room next to each other, all with boxes and manuals...and then part 9 comes as a download title...that would be kinda frustrating for me.
And why are they using NES-like graphics? Sure, it's better than having a half-baked attempt at a 3D Mega Man, but would it have hurt Capcom do make it at least look like, well, Mega Man 8, or any of the newer, flashier 2D titles of the last years (Gunstar Future Heroes, Odin Sphere, Contra 4...now THESE are modern 2 games, so why not Mega Man 9?)? I am not really excited about this one at all...perhaps because of my bias towards the Wii in general?
And as for Castlevania Judgement...it's gonna be a beat'em Up...with Castlevania characters...I dunno. a God of War type of 3D game might have actually worked, but a simple spin off title? I am going to stick to Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia later this year...nothing beats MetroidVania. ^^
@Darth Sidious:
You're going to be sorely disappointed in the future then, I am afraid. The more technology moves forward, the more common there will be download-only titles. At this point, it is inevitable.
@Darth Sidious:
There's no way Mega Man 9 would come out on the Wii or any other home console on a disc in this day and age. It's just not worth it to print off all those discs for such a small game (space wise). By making it a downloadable game, Capcom would generate more profit because there isn't overhead for printing inserts/manuals, buying cases, and pressing discs.

They're probably using NES style graphics to tap into the nostalgia everyone has for Mega Man.
Count me in as another to be disappointed in the future.  I still refuse to pay money for a d/l game.  I dont care for the user agreement liscense nor paying good $$ for something that could at any point be removed because it no longer fit in their buisness plan.
Though I'm not a CT or CC fan myself, the DS may present it to me in a way that I'll enjoy it. It has certainly worked well for me in enjoying the "Metroidvania" or "Celda" games.

Who's to say in the future if Mega Man 9 won't be a DS game as well? If disc based won't work for it, a lower priced card version ala Contra DS certainly would. 2D games can live on in a collectable form that way. It may even have DS-Wii connectivity like the 3rd DS Castlevania will have.
@Darth Sidious

I can agree with you that nothing can beat having the actual game in your hand but what makes this game so appealing to me is that they left the original series alone for so long without filling the gap between it and the X series. And although this game still may not fill everything in I grew up with mega man and it'll be great to play something new without the EXE or whatever new incarnation they have him in.

And as for Castlevania Judgement, I'm a big fan of the series and would probably play it even if it was so bad it brought other players to tears.

@Fuyukaze: What if you had access to it forever guaranteed? Would that change your attitude?

@c2213: I could definitely see a DS edition of MM9 or a future compilation disc that includes the game.

Like the Intellivision Play cable service, the Nintendo Satellaview, Phantasy Star Online, hundreds of MMO's, dozens of GameTap games & even XBL games? Fact of the matter is, no one is going to keep servers going indefinitely, not even the current three in the console race. You've got a better chance at finding Mega Man 9 on a compilation disc 20 years from now than the WiiWare service still being online.
Wow, this comment thread has gone way off the deep end and into the abyss.

The Abyss.  Why, that's the title of your blog.  I'ld say you met your goal.
I dont believe in the tooth fairy but I'd rather believe in that, then any company willing to allow people who've paid for something to be able to continue d/l it for years to come.  Even MS has taken some of their games down.
Yes, MS has taken some games down, but you can still download them if you bought them.

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