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Posted on Apr 24th 2012 at 01:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Treasure Hunt Chronicles, Collecting, Trophies, Treasure, Deals, Finds

Good news everyone! Treasure Hunt Chronicles is back for 2012. I wish I could say it'll be better than ever, but that's really up to the stuff that falls into my lap through the year. The year so far has been off to a bit of a slow start as I usually have a couple installments in by this time of year, but at lest the stuff I have got has included no duplicates!

This InstallmentThis Year
Amount Spent$0.00$0.00
Amount Spent on Shipping for Trades$17.70$17.70
Amount Received from Selling$54.43$54.43

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Cool collection Smiley
'Tis the yard sale season when I see your blog start up, and I'm always glad to see it. It looks like you got a very nice assortment there!
Glad to see these again! How have your gamegavel selling experiences been?
@Crabmaster2000: I love the idea of Game Gavel, but it can be slow to sell some things, especially the more common and less sought after games. The key to selling is to remember that its not ebay and to price things accordingly. Since you're not paying the big ebay selling fees, you can take 10-15% off your prices and you'll still end up with the same amount as you would have on ebay.

I highly recommend it if you have stuff you want to sell, but aren't in a huge hurry to get rid of. Stuff that you can just list and relist if it doesn't sell.
I miss them already :-), still have lots to move
Hunt season again!  Woohoo!

Is that a sleeve on Slam City?  I didn't know Sega CD games had those...
I see you got Tinhead.

I grabbed that just the other week, myself.

Been lovin' it so far...
@Zagnorch:Urrrgh... freakin' brace-bracket thingies... I hate 'em...
What brace? Smiley
@bombatomba: The whole box is a thick cardboard. I'm pretty sure some longbox PS1 games came in similar cases too.

@Zagnorch: I've actually had the game loose for a long time, I just got the box from Douglie. Same with Taz-Mania.
@NES_Rules: I think Im going to put a ton of common games on game gavel ( once I figure out how to upload the bulk list) start them all at .25 and give a month and see what happens.  Ebay for the cheap game sales takes all you money, I sold a camera and it only went for 1.00 had to ship it to europe... 50$ in shipping after fees -9.00 is what I got for it
@douglie007: Yeah I've had things like that happen to me before too. Ebay + Paypal fees = no room to calculate postage wrong. There have been a few things I ended up paying people to take basically.

Have you thought of just bulk lots? It may not get you as much money in the end, but it will be way faster. I sold 140 Atari carts for $50 a couple years ago, and at the time I thought it was too cheap. But I know if I didn't, I'd still be lugging them around.
@Shadow Kisuragi:

I bulked loose Sega Gen games including a pirates gold, both mutant leagues ,and lots of, 82 games total.... made 95$ bult made me sad
Nice trades! Congrats!

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