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Posted on Jun 20th 2012 at 10:48:07 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Treasure Hunt Chronicles, Collecting, Trophies, Treasure, Deals, Finds

Wow, its been a long time. This year has been really dry for me, every time I browse the small scores thread, I get more and more jealous of the finds other people are getting while I'm stuck in a drought. But I suppose its not all that bad since I'm out of room for most of my systems anyway. I've resorted to having some SNES and some Genesis games on the floor because there's just no room left on the shelves for them. The PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, and PS1 are all right behind them, with room for less than 5 games left on each of those systems. Maybe that's why I've been apathetic toward getting up early to hit up garage sales like I used to. This past weekend was the first time I actually woke up early and got out there on Friday and Saturday, but it still didn't do me any good. And don't get me started about the flea market this year, its gone to total crap. It used to be 75% people selling their personal stuff and 25% professional sellers. The last few years its been 50% and 50%, last year was closer to 25% and 75% and this year is more like 99% professional and 1% regular people. At first it seemed like the flea market quadrupling in size was a good thing, but if all they're going to sell is overpriced storage unit junk and crappy Dollar Store junk, it doesn't really matter how big it is. I guess that's just the evolution of flea markets though. They start out small with good stuff, get a bit bigger and have more good stuff, then they get too big and commercialized and the buyers that made them popular quit going and all your left with is people coming from church, retired people, and hipsters that just browse and don't actually buy anything. Before long, the whole thing collapses, and is either gone for good, or the process can start again.

Enough of my rambling, I know that's not why you read these, you want to see those deals! I hope your not too disappointed with my meager finds over the last couple months.

This InstallmentThis Year
Amount Spent$12.50$12.50
Amount Spent on Shipping for Trades$0.00$17.70
Amount Received from Selling$62.55$116.98

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wish i had a power base converter
Sweet Power Base Converter!
I like the part where you tried to install drivers...for a router.  It is a router after all.  lol  I'm just messin with ya.  Great deals all around.
Nice grab on the PBC. Did you get lucky enough to find the thumb screw in it?
Wish I could say that Buffalo makes great equipment but, as an ISP Tech, I *&@*&# hate those &%^@ things.  I really hope it works well for you, but every time I'm on the phone with a customer - and they mention that they bought a Buffalo - I grab my coffee mug and my chair (and sometimes my hair)  for a long ANGRY call.  You could compare them to the 3DO in the fact that they are very expensive but are somewhat disappointing for the price.  Linksys is still the best for home use, but they do seem to have a short life span for many users.  It is a shame for a sub-brand by Cisco.
That After Burner game is a "handheld" like the Virtual Boy is "portable."

Still, I hafta agree it is kinda neat, even in its [s]faded[/s] yellowed glory. Even in that color, it still looks right to me...
@Hungrymoose: Maybe I didn't use the right term, but I had to install something for it to work. I know "drivers" have to be installed for a lot of things to work, so that's what I went with Tongue

@Duke.Togo: It doesn't. But I believe I have a Genesis that already has one, I just need to track it down.

@Techie413: I've had no problems with it yet. The old Linksys I've been using for years will just stop working suddenly and needed replaced, but not so badly I wanted to spend $50+ on a new router  but for $5 I would have bought any brand router.

@Zagnorch: Yeah, its more of a tabletop I guess, but the screen is still smaller than most Tiger handhelds, so keeping it at arm's length makes it hard to see anything. The coloring is incredibly evenly distributed. But if you look at the gray area around the screen, the whole thing should be that color, and there's one area under the throttle? control that is still somewhat gray.

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