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Posted on Jun 14th 2010 at 08:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Treasure Hunt Chronicles, Collecting, Trophies, Treasure, Deals, Finds

This weekend didn't result in the finding of anything super rare or awesome, but what I did buy was at really low prices. So don't be surprised if your mind isn't blown away this time, but I think it will be worth your time to take a quick look this week.

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You say slow, I say still another solid weekend Smiley
Nice find on Sqoon and the Game Gear!
I tried the PowerBack (the battery pack on the GG) and it didn't charge right and only lasted a couple minutes. So I opened it up to find one of the cells was splitting open at the top. I can't for the life of me find the exact size these cells are to replace them, so it's looking like I won't be using it to play my Game Gear on the run.

@Paully3433: I guess its a little different when you see everything within a couple minutes, and when its spread out over 3 days and 100 miles.
It still wasn't a bad weekend at all, just not one of my best.

Solid finds IMO.

Hopefully that Pokemon GBC is still there next week for you. I'd like to get one of those again.
Wow, I've never even seen that Sqoon game before.
Not a bad haul.  But definately pick up that Pokemon GBC!
Great haul, as always.  Wish I could have been there to tell you about the GBC...

To give a better perspective to everyone, I would love for you to give a total of places you visit.  Personally, the sheer amount of places one must visit in order to actually get something of note pretty out of whack.  Last week I was finally able to break a two year drought (I found some games at a garage sale), and though I only bought a three things (and I passed on about ten), I visited well over fifty garage sales
@bombatomba: I've tried counting garage sales, but its just so hard to remember to actually write it down after each sale and impossible to actually remember. I've been looking for one of those clickers that keeps count, but I haven't seen a single one.

But my best estimate is about 50 sales a week, usually split about even between Friday and Saturday. Today we started at 8 and didn't get home until 3, so that's 7 hours of constant saling. Tomorrow will probably be about the same.
And the flea market on Sunday is a few hundred sellers.

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