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Posted on Jul 12th 2010 at 10:46:00 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Treasure Hunt Chronicles, Collecting, Trophies, Treasure, Deals, Finds

Now, you may remember a certain treasure haul I got a couple weeks back. You know, where I bought 567 games for $240. Well, the pictures didn't quite tell the whole story since there was just so much stuff. I've now had a couple weeks to sort it all out, and I took some new pictures to give you guys a better feel for my greatest find ever. Instead of taking a picture of everything, I just included the stuff that I'm keeping for myself, these do not include the games I'm selling. I'll most likely be posting the games I'm selling in the buying & selling board instead of on here.

The following pictures contain 320 games, of which I should be keeping almost all of them. There may be a few duplicates that I missed when I was sorting, but for the most part, these will all be staying in the collection.

Hopefully you could read the titles on most of those, otherwise, I probably just wasted a good bit of your time and my time doing this.

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There's a lot of crap, especially in the XBOX lot, but ...

damn I am jealous! Good haul dude.
A mortal person would retire.  I had a collector friend who would play at least ten minutes of each game before retiring it to his shelf.  Can you imagine? 

Looks like you fared better with the Xbox games (as opposed to the PS2 games).  I spot Kabuki Warriors and Fight Club in there.  Yeah!!!
Nice haul. Except for Rock Revolution... Konami owes you an apolgy.
Rock Revolution can be had for 5 bucks new at Bestbuy (mine also has a 10% off sticker) So i still think you did pretty good on that one too Wink

You did get some pretty good titles too! Glad to see you didn't get home to find out they were all sports or {insert generic game here}!

Jesus thats a lot of stuff. I like the 2600 lot. Some good stuff in there.
I noticed quite a few great SNES games.  Very nice haul!
Damn, so many awesome game...and what a way to boost your collection!
Almost what I buy in a year in 1 lot and needless to say that the price is like 10 times lower Cheesy

Once again - excellent haul ...
I got everything shelved that I'm keeping now. I actually had to do much less shuffling than I thought I would. On my main shelving unit, I moved the boxed NES and SNES games from standing up right, to on their sides, which allowed me to move the shelves around and I gained 3 extra shelves. So I put the new NES and SNES games there and still have an empty shelf.
The PS2 and Sega CD games were on the same shelf, but with the new PS2 games, the shelf completely filled up, so I had to move the Sega CD games. I moved some of my board games on the shelf that goes all the way around the room so they were laying down and stacked on top of each other, moved some other things around and was able to fit the Sega CD games there.
The Xbox games were the real problem. I double stacked them on two shelves (two rows of games on each shelf), and still had some that didn't fit, so I moved my long box PS1 games and put them with the rest of the PS1 games, and then moved my boxed Game Gear games to where they were and then moved the Wii games to where the GG games were and then put the rest of the Xbox games where the Wii games were.

Long story short, I was able to make room, and am ready to start buying new games.

@denpanosekai: Sure, there aren't many, if any, expensive games, but considering I paid less than $0.40 per game, I'll take less than awesome games. At least there were very few sports games amazingly.

@bombatomba: Oddly enough, you would think a huge haul like this would make me think "well, no point in trying to top this one" but its actually had the opposite effect on me. Right before this, I was getting discouraged from hunting because I was spending more on gas than I was on games, but this find gives me hope that I still can find super awesome treasure out there.

I can't imagine actually playing all these. It took me over a week just to clean the stickers off the games I'm keeping, so to actually play them, even for a couple minutes would take months.

@Duke.Togo: I thought it was strange that I had never heard of the game when I got it, but after looking it up, I can see why now. At least now I won't have to worry about whether or not I should open up the drum kit.

@Izret101: When I bought them, he had them all spread out on the tables, so I knew then there wasn't many duplicates. The vast majority of the dupes are from the 2600 and NES games.

@Tynstar: Yeah, when I looked them up, a lot of the 2600 games are rated an R5 by DP. I almost crapped myself when I looked up Air Raiders, because I looked at Air Raid, which is an R10. I really wasn't expecting there to be any that I needed when I bought the lot.

@Sirgin: It sure was a boost, I went up about 10 places in the "all collections" page.

@rodarkone: It's actually about what I could expect to buy in a year as well.

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