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Posted on Aug 9th 2010 at 10:34:32 PM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Treasure Hunt Chronicles, Collecting, Trophies, Treasure, Deals, Finds

It feels good to be back doing one of these after only a week, instead of a month like last time. Now, if I can just keep up the pace for the next couple weeks until school starts back up. Anyway, this week was a little slow for me, especially on Saturday with only one purchase the whole day. Luckily, the flea market on Sunday came through for me with a good purchase.

This InstallmentThis Year
Amount Spent$17.50$479.25
Amount Spent on Shipping for Trades$0.00$28.33
Amount Received from Selling$43.06$409.32

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Excellent finds! That pong console could be worth a lot of money!
Nicely done. I've yet to ever see a Master System in person. If Shipping wasnt so much from US to Canada I'd shoot you an offer on it.
Great finds as usual!
The win for me? The DKC book. That and the AsciiWare box are awesome!

That reminds me of how I found the Banjo Kazooie and Sonic CD soundtracks at a warehouse sale for $.50 each when I was leaving. One of my most enjoyable finds...the simplest things are the best Smiley
@Shadow Kisuragi: I have to agree. That guide is in excellent shape, especially for a quarter. While I am a sucker for accessories, the guide is the great buy in this week's grabs.
@bickman2k: It's actually not a guide, its a regular 64-page paperback book that tells the story of DKC.
@NES_Rules: Aw crap. That's what I get for reading everything but the most important part of the description...
Sealed SNES game takes it for me.
The sonic pinball game was a close second though!
Sorry, but I see sealed copies of Zoop all over the place at my flea market. Want a copy for $10?
Love the pinball game find, its great to see all the oddball stuff they used to put game characters on back in the "16bit" heydays.

Nice finds, I found a sonic pinball machine similar to that 2 weeks ago, I happily paid 3 bucks for it because it had the box and looked like the thing was never used.  Also it had an electronic scoreboard that came off. Any idea what these things are worth? I can't find prices anywhere.

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