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Posted on Feb 7th 2011 at 06:00:00 AM by (NES_Rules)
Posted under Treasure Hunt Chronicles, Collecting, Trophies, Treasure, Deals, Finds

What's this? A new Treasure Hunt Chronicles? It feels like its been ages since I last posted one of these. Last year was a little mixed for me, I had the single largest haul of my life (and most likely will never get so many games at once ever again) but I only had eight Treasure Hunt Chronicle posts. I had to quit treasure hunting early last year due to a huge research project and school in general sucking up all my time. But that's all done, and I'll hopefully be able to get back into garage saling full time. I'll be graduating in the Spring, and working an internship until then, so I'll most likely be limited to Saturdays only for garage saling from now, instead of any day there is a garage sale, so I'll have to work extra hard on the days that I do get to go saling.

Anyway, enough about me. I know what you're here for, the TREASURE! Now, since it is January, there isn't exactly a lot of people willing to stand outside to sell their junk, so the garage sales have been very light so far. In fact, I haven't gone to a single one yet this year. But, luckily for me, my dad has gone to a few garage sales, and was considerate enough to call me when he did find something worthwhile.

This InstallmentThis Year
Amount Spent$20.00$20.00
Amount Spent on Shipping for Trades$6.45$6.45
Amount Received from Selling$110.88$110.88

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Sweet haul!! That copy of North and South more than pays for the whole lot. I probably would have paid $100 for all that and still felt like I got a great deal. Nicely done.
Wow!  That is an amazing haul.  Glad to see that you are bringing back these Treasure Hunt articles again.  I always enjoyed reading them in the past.
*sigh* That right there is more Nintendo stuff than I've purchased in the past year. Depressing, but great deal. Is the Nintendo box complete with the styrofoam and everything? It looks like it's never been touched.
@Crabmaster2000: I was really excited about North and South. It's one of the more rare games that you can actually expect to find in the wild. So to find it in in such excellent condition made it all the more awesome.

@singlebanana: This will never die, as long as I'm going to garage sales and flea markets, anyway. They can sometimes be a little more time consuming than I would like, but I could never let my readers down.

@Shadow Kisuragi: The NES was not complete. It was missing some small things like the RF switch and I think the power supply, but I had spares of most of the stuff it was missing, so its nearly complete now. I think the main thing its missing now is the top styrofoam piece. The system itself showed signs of use. The box was probably put away when the system was originally set up and forgotten about until they found it again.
Holy spit, I think I'd have jumped right on that like Mythbusters on a myth.
Yay, another THC!  So early, too.  Ooo, look at all that boxed goodness, and that copy of Baldur's Gate is begging you to play it...
Like Shadow said in one haul youve totally surpassed my entire SNES+N64 collection combined. Nice find!

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