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Posted on Jun 2nd 2022 at 08:00:00 AM by (Disposed Hero)
Posted under VGM, cover, octopath traveler

Something a little different this time. I decided to enter the annual Soundole Chill Out Competition this year, and this laid back track from Octopath Traveler is my entry. This was definitely an interesting one to work on since it's such a departure from my usual heavier sound. I hope you all enjoy it! If you feel like listening to the rest of the covers and participating in the community vote, check out the full playlist of tracks here: https://www.youtube.com/p...3xE8g3R9dxp3qeoxrR69a2f4O

Then click the following link and vote for your favorites (wink wink): https://t.co/dz5VwVaPgf

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This was really good! I haven't played the game, but given Square's pedigree for good RPGs, and by extension, good RPG soundtracks, I'm not surprised.

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