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Posted on Sep 11th 2016 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
Posted under video, review, NES, Jaws, LJN

Jaws was one of the August community playthroughs here at RFGen and it was the first time I had played this particular game. I have to say, it's a bit of an oddity. The majority of the gameplay is non-scrolling horizontal shooter, but there are a few different mechanics thrown in to change things up a bit. On paper, the game doesn't sound impressive - an LJN published tie-in to the fourth (and arguably worst) Jaws movie, Jaws: The Revenge. But how does it play?

Check out the review!

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Great review as usual Pam!  I agree with a lot of what you say about this game and think that the flaws you point out are certainly fair. However, I still think it's a game that any NES fan should have in his/her collection.  Sure, there's not a lot to it, and it's very short, but it's kind of nice to have a title you can pull down from the shelf and beat quickly when you don't have a lot of time. I won't say anything more, since our podcast is coming out tomorrow, but prepare for some serious nostalgia waxing. Ha ha!  Wink

Thanks for mentioning the playthrough in your video, we really appreciate you playing another game with us last month!
I would love to throw all LJN games into a massive black hole...
@Link41:  They aren't all that bad. Their "horribleness" has been greatly exaggerated by YouTube personalities over the years.  There's a few decent games in there (Jaws being one of them) and several other companies have released plenty of titles that are just as bad.
@singlebanana: I was just mostly reflecting on the handful of LJN games I've played. But this Jaws game looks better then The Uncanny X-Men...
@Link41: Maximum Carnage is their best game.
Nice review! I remember Jaws as a game I couldn't make heads or tales of when I played it as a kid. If memory serves it doesn't really tell you how to play or what the goal is at all. I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing and fairly quickly dubbed it a stupid game that I couldn't wait to take back to the rental store lol.

There were actually a couple LJN games I liked. While their versions of Back to the Future and Friday the 13th were really, extremely, insultingly bad, I had a lot of fun with Nightmare on Elm Street and T&C Surf Designs.
Thanks everyone!

@singlebanana: I'm listening to the podcast now!

@zophar53: I feel like this game would be completely incomprehensible if you didn't have the manual (or the Internet now). The actual game doesn't make it at all clear what you need to do.
@Pam:  Awesome Pam!  Let us know what you think.
Has anyone actually watched Jaws 4? I want to know if Jaws gets stabbed by a boat in the end. Saw your video a while back Pam. Good stuff as usual. I don't know how you attract all the weirdo YouTube comments.
Yes, it DOES it stabbed by the sailboat in the end, causing it to explode.
@Shadow Kisuragi:  Well naturally. Sailboats have explosive tips installed just for large shark attacks....

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