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Posted on Dec 10th 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
Posted under video, review, history, PC, adventure

Loom is one of the most beautiful stories that LucasArts Games has produced, telling the story of a young Weaver named Bobbin Threadbare, Chaos, and the Great Loom. This is the story of the game and its development. Warning: I will be spoiling everything from this 30 year old game.

Is this one you played too in the 90s?

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I adored this game in my youth. I played through the Turbo CD version as a kid and was quite stumped a number of times, but eventually finished it and I distinctly remember staring at the ending in awe. 

And the soundtrack was masterful; to this day Swan Lake is one of my favorite pieces of music due to this game.

Thanks for the nostalgic overview. Smiley
I remember playing a demo of this as a kid, and always thought it looked great, but was a bit obtuse. That's coming from someone who grew up playing the original King's Quest, though, so who knows! I do think it's a game I should play at this point, though, because nearly everything I've heard about it has been good.

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