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Posted on Oct 11th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
Posted under video, review, Bomberman, Sega Saturn

Saturn Bomberman is an exclusive on the Sega Saturn and one of the system's more rare games. Developed by Hudson Soft, it's a cute and clever puzzle game with some beautiful pixel art that still looks great by today's standards. It hosts a number of different game modes and can be played with a friend (or 9). Here's my review!

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Saturn Bomberman was always kind of a legend at the game stop I worked at during the late 90's, if nothing more than for the amount of players it supported simultaneously, which is still impressive even in this age of the Internet.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason it was very difficult to find in my area, on the level with Shining Force 3 and Magic Knight Rayearth.  Because of that (and some kind of space-time fluctuation) I've never actually seen the game in action until now.  Thank you for that!  Also, I am super surprised how affordable it is, given the popularity of the platform.  Japanese copies go for less than $20 USD, which seems wrong somehow.
Sigh.  Another Saturn game I wish I would have picked up when it was $30.  If only I knew then what I know now.  Great video, Pam!  There seems to be a split between which classic Bomberman game is the best.  Some say it's this, some say Mega Bomberman, and some say one of the Super Bomberman games.  But I think Saturn Bomberman is cited most often, in part due to its crazy multiplayer options.  I would be amazing to get the maximum number of players together to get a full Saturn Bomberman battle going!

@bombatomba: I haven't priced a Japanese copy in a while, but if they're going that cheap, I'll definitely need to snag that version!

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