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Posted on Jun 11th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Pam)
Posted under video, review, NES

Xexyz is a very unique game that hits a lot of marks that I love to see in games. It covers two genres, shoot'em up and platformer, and it's published by Hudson Soft. For an NES game, there's a lot going on here -- sometimes a little too much. Though the game certainly isn't one of the most popular on the NES, my expectations were high, but could Xexyz meet them? Watch to find out!

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Good video, Pam!  Also, kudos on the pronunciation - I think a lot of folks struggle with that, but you pronounced it more or less how I always have.  I like this game quite a bit, but it's definitely flawed, and I know some of that is nostalgia.  I remember renting this game with friends as a kid, and we had a fair bit of fun with it over the weekend.  I dig the music, I like the different gameplay mechanics they try and offer up, even if they don't all work super well, and the overall presentation is nice.  The Moon Ball is an awesome weapon, for sure.  This reminds me a little bit of what HAL did with Air Fortress, but less focused, and with more variety.  But it definitely "feels" like a Hudson game, and I like the overall package, even if it falls short.  I guess the lack of autofire never bothered me, but I have both the NES Advantage and NES Max controllers, so maybe I've used those by default in the past, without even thinking about it.  At any rate, flawed, but fun is how I describe this game.  Also, bonus points for saying "rescue some women-folk' LOL!
My feelings about this game are pretty much summed up by the look on your face.  I remember getting frustrated when I was a kid, and when I tried replaying it a few years ago it the same.  While I really love non-linear platforming games (Clash at Demonhead is a favorite), it just didn't feel right with Xexyz.  Plus, when I play it I want it so bad to be a mix of Blaster Master and Guardian Legend, and all that happens is me turning off Xexyz to play Blaster Master and/or Guardian Legend.  Oh well.  For a "janky" platformer it is fun, but I've never felt that it could stand with it's more mainstream peers.
This was an interesting video; I saw a lot of commercials for this game as a kid but never got to play it. It always seemed cool, but all this time I never knew half the game was a 2D platformer haha. It doesn't look nearly as good now as it did when I was a kid. Funny how that works.
I really enjoy this game. Would definitely be one that I hang on to if I ever had to sell off my collection. At the time I played it I had never heard anyone talk about it and discovered myself a hidden gem. Loved the mash up of fantasy themes mashed into my sci-fi!
@MetalFRO: Thanks MetalFRO! I looked up other videos to try to get a handle on the pronunciation. I do like what they tried to go with this game, and I think flawed but fun (and sometimes frustrating) is a good description.

@bombatomba: I felt similarly. The Guardian Legend is the best of the NES dual-genre games I've played, and this doesn't quite stack up. I also really liked Blaster Master, though I found the tank parts superior to the rest.

@zophar53: I still think the shoot'em up parts look really cool and I think the boss designs (in terms of looks more than mechanics) are quite good.

@Crabmaster2000: I didn't even think of the mash-up of sci-fi and fantasy! I guess the game is dual genre in more ways than one!
I've been wanting to try this game out.  Now I definitely will be getting it. 
Nice review thanks
I actually really liked this game when I played it.  I don't remember it being frustrating at all...both the platform levels and shooter stages had easily distinguished patterns, and I feel the "poor design choice" of the lack of autofire actually helps in this case, as with autofire it's almost TOO easy.  But I enjoy games like Conan, Cliffhanger, and The Mutant Virus, so maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment Tongue

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