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Posted on Jul 21st 2014 at 12:48:22 AM by (singlebanana)
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As many of you might have noticed, we have had a nice influx of members on the site lately. This has mainly been a result of mentions from Metal Jesus and Kotaku (see video and links at the bottom of this page). The staff here at RFGeneration would like to welcome all of our new members to the site and encourage all of you to not only house your collection here, but to also become active members of our site. The following is an explanation of our database tool, and also a brief description of some of the features that our site has to offer. If you haven't done so already, please introduce yourself on the introduction forum. We are always happy to hear from new members and learn a little about their collections and backgrounds: http://www.rfgeneration.c...um/index.php?topic=2931.0


To access the collection database for RFGeneration, simply log onto our site and hover over the "Tools" tab. You will then be provided a drop down list containing "Collection Tools," "Collection FAQ," and "Collection Checklists." The "Collection FAQ" will provide you with an abbreviated guide as to how to enter your collection, and the "Collection Checklists" will allow you to access printer friendly and view friendly lists for many of the systems listed in the database.

The Collection Tool
The link that you will use the most is the "Collection Tools" tab. This link takes you to the page where you will find your current collection. You can use the Quick Navigation tabs to view your collection or wishlist (which you can create for items you'd like to add to your collection later) and you can further sort this list by gaming console or hardware/software using the additional drop downs to the right. You can further sort your collection by clicking on the table headers by console, region, type, title, publisher, year, or specific genre.

Adding to Your Collection

To add games, consoles, or accessories to your collection, simply click on the "Add" button on the toolbar at the top of the Collection Tools page. You will then be directed to a search page with the heading, "Search For Games To Add." From here, you can search for your item you want to add by console, country, title, etc. and also use a combination of these search fields to better narrow down your search results. Enter your search parameters, click the "Search" button and your results will pop up shortly.

Depending on how specific you are with your search parameters, you may receive a list of multiple results, or one for only the item you are looking for. Simply click on the checkbox to the right that matches the game(s) you are searching for, access the upper right-hand corner dropbox to select the place to add the item to your collection, and click the "Add" button. In the example below, you will notice additional options, such as Famicom, Pending Trade, and Variant Junk; these are specific folders that I have added to better sort out my collection, and you may also do the same depending on how specific you want to get. This is a wonderful option that RFGen provides to allow its members to better customize their experience.

After selecting your items(s) and pressing the "Add" button, you will then be directed to the "Add Game Info" page. Here you will enter the quantity you own of the specific items you selected, and the number of manuals and boxes you own for those items. You may also type in the comments section for each item to customize them. For example, I will sometimes type in the condition of some items, whether or not I own associated overlays, or note if the game is a prototype. After you have entered all of the necessary information, simply click on the "Add Games" button, and you are done! At this point, the item(s) should show up in your collection, which can easily be checked by clicking on the "My Collection" tab on the top toolbar.

RFGeneration is a free site and has the largest game collection database on the internet; however, on the rare occasion, you may not find what you are looking for. If this is the case, please contact one of our database editors or administrators so that they can check. You may need to submit info for a new entry and add to our growing database. Our members are the key to the success of our site and we challenge each of you to help in adding new items to our database. Whether it be a new game, console, piece of hardware, game/manual/box art scan or game screenshot, all of these things help improve our site and make items easier to identify and access. For information on submissions check out our Submissions FAQ here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...submitinfo.php?action=faq

Additional Site Features

Though our collection database is the primary reason potential members enter our site, RFGeneration has several attractive features that keep our participants active. One of these features is our forums. Our forums help to promote game collecting and game play discussion, and also has a for sale/for trade forum so that members can locate and trade gaming items with other members. There are also off-topics forums where members discuss various topics, such as toys, movies, books, music, exercise ,and even RFGenerations own Fantasy Football League!

Link to forums: http://www.rfgeneration.com/forum/index.php

RFGeneration also has it's own collecting podcast, The Collectorcast, that discusses various gaming and collecting topics. It is hosted by current RFGeneration members: Duke.Togo, Crabmaster2000, and wildbil52. The podcast typically also contains a "Small Scores" segment that discusses recent game-related member pick-ups.

Forum thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...orum/index.php?board=35.0
Podcast:  http://www.collectorcast.com/

Our site also features a monthly retro and modern playthrough for our members. During the month, we play through various games together from different consoles and discuss them over our forums. Recently, the Playthrough Group has begun it's own podcast called the RFGeneration Community Playthrough Wrap-Up where the hosts (singlebanana, Fleach, techwizard, and GrayGhost81) discuss the games played the previous month.

Forum thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...orum/index.php?board=39.0
Podcast: http://rfgenplaythroughs.podomatic.com/

For those of you looking for a mobile solution for collecting, RFGeneration also has a app for Android. You can find more information about our application here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...um/index.php?topic=8931.0

Again, thank you for your interest in our site. Please let us know if you have any questions. Happy collecting!

Metal Jesus review:

Link to Kotaku article:

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So that's how I get the Mario's in my folder!! Thanks Banana!
I've never used the "Add" link on the Collection Tools page.
I always do a regular search and use the "Add to collection" link on the entry's page.
Yes mumboking, there are several different ways to search for and add games on this site. Like you said, if you click on a specific entry, you can click on the "add to collection" link and add the game that way. However, you cannot add the game to another folder, such as a wishlist or self-created folder, this way. Think of my instructions as the math equivalent to "showing your work." Sure there are short-cuts, but this is the best way to get more collection and sorting options.

Another short-cut search option that I should mention is the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Here you can use the drop down to select only one of several search options to locate an item. Your search results will typically be broader this way, but it is a method to try to find something quickly.

Thanks for bringing up the addition option.   
@Crabmaster2000: The writer of the Kotaku article appears to be a kindred spirit of yours, bud.
@Zagnorch: David and me have crossed paths many times. Both on here and racketboy (his main stomping grounds). He is an awesome dude in pretty much every way Smiley
Using the quick search box has no filters
Using the database search has more filters
Using the Add Game link allows you to also filter out games you already own.
@crabmaster2000: Yes, but can you add a Pikachu?
I found out about this site via Metal Jesus. I have finally finished adding all my stuff.
@supernorst: Awesome! Welcome to the site. I hope you found the collection tools useful and easy to use.
Man, not even Windows 8.1?
@bickman2k: Hey man, I just got this new laptop. Too busy to update. Smiley
Great site! I feel like I'm missing something here. I can not figure out how to add to my wish list. Any advice?

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