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Posted on Oct 10th 2007 at 03:01:24 PM by (Mezmoron)
Posted under Site News, Atari 2600, Dolphin, Gopher, Wico, Gagaman

Here we have it.  That game of the century!  Well, not quite, but we do have a fairly pleasant little game here to feature. 

This game, Dolphin, is a fun concept that uses one of the smartest animals on the planet as it's hero.  Well, he would be a hero if the game actually had a story line.  In Dolphin you are trying to get away from the evil giant squid that is chasing you.  There's even a way to make the chaser become the pursued!  Give the game a shot and then post your high score in our Atari 2600 scoring thread!

Our featured image is for Gopher by US Games.  I've never played this game, but look at the cute little guy eating a carrot.  Precious.  If anything, maybe it'll give you a good laugh thinking about Caddyshack or something.

The featured hardware is the Wico Command Control[Ball] for the Atari 2600.  Ever use this controller?  It was surprisingly easy to use and the metal design of the stick made it very easy to move around.  It almost felt like 360 degree motion.

Lastly, our featured collection is of GagaMan.  Although he doesn't have Atari 2600 things listed, he at least has a great Sega collection kicking.  Check it out! 

Well, that's another week of features from us at RFGeneration.  Is there something you'd like to see featured?  Please send me a message, and maybe you'll get to see it up on the front page!  Thanks again for taking a look and remember to keep it tuned in to Channel 3 here at RFG.

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