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Collectorcast Episode 5: Bayou Billy Has No Neck


Collectorcast Episode 5: Bayou Billy Has No Neck


17:06 Small Scores
59:17 Interview with Wildbil52
1:23:06 Crabby's Amazing Pick-up
1:32:52 Main Topic: Cleaning
2:49:25 Outro

After an unusually long absence we are back to discuss a topic that our significant others wish was more universal, cleaning. This is one of several areas of collecting that we find oddly enjoyable. Don't know how to stock your cleaning tool box? We will help you get started. Wondering what the best method is to get stickers off your games? No problem. Dirty contacts giving you trouble? Or maybe you just want to spruce up the look or your dirty old NES. Whatever it is, we will get you on your way to a pristine looking game collection that will make your friends jealous.

And if youre a listener of any of the previous Collectorcasts, youll probably recognize how sick we are of talking about Wildbil52's great new finds each episode during the small scores recap. To remedy this we invited Wildbil52 onto the show so that he can talk about his own damn finds this time around . And since cleaning can be such an important part of the collecting experience Wildbil52 sticks around for the rest of the episode to let us take a look inside his cleaning tool box, share a few cleaning secrets, and make sure that we don't get off topic.



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Join Crabmaster 2000, Duke.Togo, and WildBil52 as they blather on about collecting video games.

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