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Collectorcast Episode 7: Two Poppycocks for a Nickel


Collectorcast Episode 7: Two Poppycocks for a Nickel

When buying, selling or trading games there is one thing that's always sure to come up: What's this game worth to me? Pricing your game to sell can be a tricky thing. Buying at a price both the seller and buyer can agree upon, and be happy with, can be even trickier.

How important is it for trades to be equal in value? Does your relationship to someone have a monetary value when it comes to transactions? Whats a lowball and is it ever appropriate to make such an offer? What are the generally accepted methods of estimating an items price?

Join Duke, Crabmaster and Bil as we discuss how to spend your Toonies on the ever fluctuating market of secondhand video games.

Show notes:
Music: Ninja Gaiden (NES)
10:09 Small Scores
1:42:40 Pricing
2:55:46 Outtro

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Join Crabmaster 2000, Duke.Togo, and WildBil52 as they blather on about collecting video games.

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