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Posted on Jan 18th 2014 at 10:22:19 PM by (A8scooter)
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Well  this is gonna be a different kind of GMBIT video since well there isnt any video. The computer I was using got hit by another virus surfing a particular gaming site and yeah out for repairs as this time even I couldnt get it to reboot and recover it.  I fear all my gaming info is now gone and Ill have to start over again . Sad  Anywho on to the gaming moment in time.

This week I chose to do an Atari 8 Bit Computer game that never got released by Atari ( it would later make its way out by an aftermarket company). This week's game is Jr. Pac-Man. What I like about this version over the original is the expanded game board that features scrolling action. As nice as that is the graphics have something to be desired.  Knowing that this game wasn't finished by Atari in a way that would have been ready for market I have to give it some slack on that aspect.

The game play is pretty good. I'm nowhere near a good Pac-Man player but it's worth a play . On ebay this game brings between 15-30.00 depending when you catch the auction with most selling for 20 to 25.00. 

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Sorry to hear about your computer.  As long as the hard drive isn't totally trashed you should be able to get some or most of your info.  Just don't let the repair people take you for ride with the price.  For the most part we use a simple Linux bootable drive and a IDE/SATA USB interface to do data recovery.  You could have done it yourself with a bit of minor instruction.

I had a look at Jr. Pac Man online and it does indeed look fine.  Definitely not a Ms. Pac Man, but certainly nothing to be snorted at.  I'm torn regarding whether the scrolling game field is a good thing.  Oh, well.
Sorry about your computer, my man.  I've been the victim of many, many computer problems over the years and I know what it is to lose lots of work.  Hope the recover goes well.  Interested in picking up Jr. Pacman when I can, along with, you know, every A8bit game ever. Wink
My computer is getting fixed by a friend in his spare time. Itll probably cost me a steak dinner at his local diner so maybe 20 or 30.00.  But I hope once its fixed I back everything up this time and be set to go. I cant do squat on this computer im on now. Videos choppy. But Ive gotten so many cool things since the computer went down I have no way to really share it with you guys ( which sucks). BUT i hope when I am up and running again you guys remind me and I can get some of these cool finds uploaded.
@A8scooter:Looking forward to it. Smiley

My computer is almost done and should be back soon. Should be like how it was before everything hit the fan. ( Which will be a nice plus ). I picked up a few more games and have been debating another BLOG ( videoless ) till my computer comes back. Wanted your take on it.

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