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Posted on Nov 21st 2023 at 02:09:20 AM by (koola6)
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Hello. In the midst of all the talks about a potential Switch 2, I'd like to talk a bit about the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model).

I've had my Switch OLED for about two years now (wow! already?) and here's some of my thoughts on it.

Before I got my Switch OLED, I was watching some videos about it, and the number one most brought-up topic was the screen. At the time, I thought "What's so cool about a screen with individually lit pixels? The blacks are better, and that's it?" After getting my hands on it, however, I can personally say that the Switch OLED's screen looks phenomenally better than the regular Switch's screen. Not only does the screen not have that huge annoying bezel, but it feels like the screen just pops out with color. Blacks, obviously, look really good on it too; especially in games that feature black heavily such as Gato Roboto or UNDERTALE, that feature black heavily, you can really tell the huge difference. Sometimes when a game fades to black for a long time, (such as the case with moon's loading screens) I've thought that I accidentally turned the console off.

Another big selling point of the Switch OLED is the improved kickstand. I always hated the original Switch's kickstand, and I can say that this aspect of the system is also greatly improved upon. Honestly, with my original Switch, I almost never used the kickstand because whenever I would try, I would either knock the stand off or make my Switch fall in the process. Most of the stand's use for me was just something as a fidget. One day, I was fidgeting with the stand while I was really tired, fell asleep, and when I woke up later that day the stand was gone. I later found the stand under my bed a couple hours after I got my Switch OLED, ironically.

The Switch OLED's stand is a big step-up from the original stand. It is almost as wide as the console itself, allowing for extra stability, and is made of metal, not the cheap plastic-y substance that the original Switch's variant uses. I find myself using the stand very often for things, such as playing with the Joy-Cons detached, or with them sideways for games like TowerFall.

Lastly, the storage is doubled from the regular Switch. Whether this means anything to you depends on whether you are a digital collector or a physical collector. Obviously, that is not really a question, considering the website I am writing this review on, but I find (with my sadly mostly digital collection) that no matter what games you're playing, you're still probably going to need a microSD card anyway. If you only play physical games then maybe you could get around with 64GB of storage, but nowadays most physical Switch games have some portion of the game as a download anyway, so you're pretty much required to have a microSD card if you play more than  five games on your Switch.

A question that is brought up often is whether the OLED Model is worth the upgrade. I personally think if you already have the regular Switch, then you're fine. The screen, stand, and storage are the big selling points here. If you're just looking for a good console to play games on, then just stick with your regular Switch.

I've been koola, and people say the Switch OLED is trying to copy the PS5.

(Isn't that just the style now, anyways?)

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Yeah, I purposefully don't pick up your Switch and tinker with it because then I'd risk being envious when I play my V1 model lol.  One day mine will finally bite the dust and give me a reason to upgrade...

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