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Posted on Jan 7th 2011 at 07:55:27 PM by (ZeroAX)
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So I'm still waiting for my SNES to be shipped to me. It should have been sent today, but I still haven't received any update on my order's status, so I'm still waiting on that. Anyway to pass the time and to get myself hyped up over my new console I've been browsing the internet for everything SNES. I've found some stuff that might interest some of you so I decided to share it here on this blog.

First of all and most urgent is this auction over at GameGavel for an SNES SNS-101 (which Zagnorch over at the comments said is pretty rare) or as the auctioneer and videogame are calling it an SNES mini, which I have to say is a much better name and the one I'm going to be using from now on.

The console comes with a copy of Super Mario World and at 45$ + shipping, it's an ok bargain compared to ebay.

Over at Racketboy, the great Princess-Isabela made the entire forum go wild with her awesome sales thread She has a bunch of SNES NTSC games and some Super Famicom games for sale which are worth checking out.

Lastly I was browsing Deviant Art and found this lovely piece of fan art by Murasaki-Hoshi and I felt like sharing it with you guys here.

Well that's it for now. Hopefully my SNES will come soon so I can start posing about games.
Also I would like to say that I'm interest in buying a loose cartridge of Robotrek (the Enix RPG), preferably with the manual. If anyone is selling a copy at a reasonable market price, please contact me. Thank you for reading.

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You sure that top pic isn't 'shopped? Heh...

BTW I find it strange that the photo for the SNS-101 is watermarked, but the fanservice-- errr, fan art isn't.

Lastly: didja get the artist's permission to post his (her?) work here? Rumor has it those 'tartlets can turn into raging drama-llamas if you don't ask 'em for approval first...

Isabella always has good sale items. Smiley

$45 shipped isn't bad for the SNES Mini, but it's about market price for it. I got mine in the box for $70, and a loose one for $30.

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As a kid I always wanted a Super Nintendo, but because it was too expensive at the time in Europe, I ended up with a Sega Mega Drive (which is awesome as well). So when I got into retro gaming I always had my eye on buying an SNES. And finally I took the plunge and ordered one.

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