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Posted on Jun 18th 2010 at 12:49:31 AM by (noiseredux)
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One of the biggest requests I get from Game Boy Player Land blog readers is the old "show me your collection." And I promise to get around to that at some point with pictures. But read any video game collection forum and you're bound to find various ongoing conversations about the best way to store Game Boy games. Should they be cart-only (like most of the ones you'll find in the wild) then it gets even tougher since none of the Game Boy line of carts had top-stickers. I personally keep my games in NDS cases with printed artwork, unless I'm lucky enough to have the original boxes. However one clever reader, Tony wrote in and shared these pretty awesome picture as a rather cool way to store -- and more importantly, proudly display his Game Boy collection. Here's a quote:

Here are some pictures of how I store my Gameboy collection. It is a golf ball case that I bought from a craft store chain called Micheal's. If you do not have a Michael's store you can probably find it at another place like Hobby Lobby or Ben Franklin. It cost about $20 but Michael's often has coupons in the mail for 40-50% off one item so I purchased a couple of these. As you can see they will store quite a few original Gameboy carts and a lot more GBA carts if you turn them slightly. There is a glass door with a metal hinge to keep it closed. I included a shot of the hinge. Also they have rear mounts so you can mount them on your wall for display as seen here in the pictures. Overall I have been very happy with this way of displaying my games.


And now, more importantly -- here are the pictures:

Pretty awesome in my book. What do you guys think?

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Very nice way to display your GB, GBA games.  Makes them look like videogame artwork hanging on the wall.  Might have to look into this idea for all my handheld carts. 
looking closely at this guy's collection, we have SUCH similar taste it's crazy!
Pretty cool idea.  I like that it has doors to keep dust out.  Im gonna have to buy a dozen or so of them.
I also really like these.
If i had more gameboy games i would be interested in grabbing some.

Michaels is one of those places i would avoid like the plague had i not been dragged in there all the time when i was a kid. It is primarily a crafting store but has all kinds of other goodies you can come across.
@Izret101: I always hated when my mom took me in there when I was a kid. I think it was the overpowering smell of fake flowers that really bothered me.

These would work better for me if I had any wall space left to hang them. As it is now, the biggest piece of wall I have is maybe a square foot.
I REALLY like this setup and also like the look of professionalism and how high the quality of the cases are. This seems to be the perfect way to display GB and GBA games as it takes up as little space as possible and uses every square inch of space the case offers. Very impressed overall!
These look just as useful as the ones that GameStop has their Game Boy games displayed.  I recently sold almost my entire Game Boy collection, so I don't have much use for them now.
This is AWESOME, thank you for this. I am definitely going to buy one or two of these for my room.
Well, Michaels here has them for $49.99!! ouch Sad

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