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Posted on Apr 30th 2013 at 08:45:47 PM by (noiseredux)
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So April turned out to be a crazy good month for adding to my collection. Let's take a look!

First up was a couple of guides that I got using Barnes & Noble gift cards. I love Capcom Vs. SNK, so this was exciting.

A trade on landed me these 3 Saturn titles. Always nice to get a fancy Working Design game.

Fellow RFGen-er GrayGhost81 traded me this nice handful of Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine demo discs. By the end of April I was only now missing 2 of them.

This giant lot came from a good buddy of mine. It started out as me taking just those two Saturn sports games which he had doubles of. Eventually the deal grew into what you see above, but he also surprised me with that sealed copy of Floigan Brothers which was really awesome of him!

Evolution I found locally for $7, and although that's pretty much the going price I like being able to buy Dreamcast games in person when I see them in such great shape.

Another trade through Racketboy got me these. That's a Dreamcast TopMax stick... it's not that great - especially compared to the excellent Agetec stick, but it was a great bargain so I was glad to add it to my shelves.

Yet another Racketboy trade got me Panzer Dragoon - a classic I've yet to play!

My wife and I hit up a flea market while out furniture shopping and I came across these. Tetris Plus is in great condition and that Saturn Eclipse Pad is sealed. It was $15 for the both. But the real gem here is NBA 2K2, which is actually the hardest to find of the three 2K games on Dreamcast. I got mine for $2 which made me really happy.

Another local game shop resulted in this awesome Saturn pick-up. That's right, an official racing wheel which is great for Daytona. The wheel was $20, which isn't spectacular, but buying one online would be a lot more once shipping is accounted for. Each of the three games were $10, which I felt pretty good about.

Here's one lot of games I got from my good buddy Mike. We went in together on a bigger purchase and split up what we each needed for our collections. I'm definitely really pleased with the items I got.

And another lot I got from the same friend - Sakura Wars 3 & 4 box sets complete my collection of the boxes. The third box is the best as it comes with a really classy and fully functional music box! The Saturn stick is a Hori V7 which is insanely comfortable and a purchase I'm very happy with.

And also from same friend - this is an official Dreamcast-branded DDR dance pad. This is really cool as there were no DC dance mats released in the US, so it's more common to see DC fans using a PlayStation 2 pad with a DC adapter instead.

And finally via another Racketboy trade I got a second Dreamcast - this is one of the black ones (sadly, the Sega Sports logo has been removed). This lot was really cool, and I'm especially fond of the Alien Front Online box set as well as the Double Impact release of Street Fighter III.

So yeah... pretty awesome month!

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I'd like to know what you think of Panzer Dragoon. I played it for hours when I bought my first Saturn, but I went back to it lately and found it had not aged well.
Love the import stuff, as always. Never knew there wasn't an official Dreamcast DDR pad, but it makes sense as there was never an official Dreamcast DDR.
there were official DDR games -- in Japan. Wink
I'd love to get every DDR game released in Japan up to DDR Extreme.  Those were some good times....

Also i love that ECW relic.  The Sandman was one of my favorite wrestlers ever
Awesome month!!! Definitely see a few things I'm still hunting for.
is that saturn game "mansion of hidden souls" any good? i've seen it at a local game store for a while now and keep passing on it.

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