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Posted on Jan 1st 2013 at 05:00:43 PM by (noiseredux)
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Happy New Year everyone. Let's see how much my collection grew in December...

The lone addition to my Sega CD library was Thunder Strike which I picked up cheap locally.

Strikers was another cheap local find, but the rest of the Saturn additions were Christmas gifts. Awesome stuff!

Some Dreamcast commons -- Airforce Delta and NBA 2K1 were gifts. The rest I picked up either locally or online. Psychic Force 2012 seemed like something I should play in 2012.

Three amazing Dreamcast games under the Christmas tree! Zombie Revenge was a surprise from my wife, and it seems like a really great game.

Dreamcast imports! Shikigami No Shiro II is a favorite of mine I've owned on GameCube and PS2 in the past, but felt I needed the DC port as well. Frame Gride was a gift from a friend, and Guilty Gear was from eStarland and includes the bonus mini-CD soundtrack.

An Ascii fight pad! I've wanted one of these for so long and managed to grab it from eStarland. It's super comfortable for fighters and shmups as well.

These two books were Christmas gifts. The Hardcore Gaming 101 book I read in just a few days, and although I had read much of it on the website prior, it felt perfect in book form and organized as it was. The Service Games book seems really great so far, though I'm less than a hundred pages in still.

My wife also found me this Sonic shot glass. He's chasing rings all the way round the glass.

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Great scores dude, and let me go on the record with this:

Zombie Revenge is an awesome game! You're gonna love it!
@GrayGhost81: me and my wife played some co-op Zombie Revenge last night and it is def a sweet game. Reminds me of crossing HOTD with a beat-em-up. Good stuff.
Oh man I really want one of those controllers. I might have more DC games if I had one.
That controller looks awesome!
That's pretty wild you find all these games. I bet, even if I spent more than I do, I couldn't find nearly as many Sega disc games as you do.
What did you think of the books, noise?  Good reads?

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