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February was an extremely busy month for my wife and I due to moving, so this collecting blog post will be a bit different than previous months. I really didnít have time to take pictures of all my additions or even catalog them in my RFGen collection yet for that matter. Although this is going to look like a huge update, the funny thing is that almost everything youíll see was purchased in January but didnít actually arrive until February.

In fact the bulk of my pickups for the month all arrived in a single box. A couple of my friends and myself put some cash together and basically bought an ex-collectorís entire Saturn and Dreamcast collection. And to be honest, their collection was insane. So hereís what my third of the lot turned out to be:


AnEarth Fantasy Story
Angelique Special 2
Battle Athletes Daiundoukai
Blue Breaker
Blue Seed
Bootleg Sampler
Bootleg Sampler (loose)
Cotton Boomerang
Crusader No Remorse
E'tude Prologue
Farland Story
Fushiginokunino Angelique
The Game of Life DX
Nights Into Dreams Sampler
Ogre Battle
Refrain Love
Riglordsaga 2
Sakura Wars Steam Radio Show
Sega Screams Volume 1 (loose)
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner (x2)
Shiroki Majo
Slayers Royal
Slayers Royal 2
Super Robot Wars F Final
Virtua Cop (NFR) (x2)
Virtua Cop 2 boxset w/ Stunner lightgun
Wizardry VI & VII Complete
Wizards Harmony
Yukyu Gensokyoku 2nd Album

Action Replay Plus w/ manual
Mouse w/ mousepad
Netlink modem w/ SegaNet disc, manual
S-Video cables


Sakura Taisen LE boxset
Sakura Taisen 2 LE boxset

Broadband Adapter
Keyboard (loose)
Performance rumble pack
Vibration Pack (boxed)
VGA Box (boxed)
VMU (boxed, grey)

You may notice that almost all the games are Japanese. As such, Iíve not yet fully decided which games Iím keeping and which Iíll be getting rid of. Certainly some of them are at least somewhat import-friendly. But thereís an abundance of RPGís and Adventure games that without an understanding of English will honestly just sit on my shelves untouched. But even saying that I know Iíll hang on to Grandia and the Sakura Wars box sets no matter what. There are some games that are just too cool to get rid of regardless of a language barrier.

I definitely have to thank my buds for hooking this deal up though, as I got a whole lot of incredible stuff here for about the cost of just the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter and that copy of Cotton Boomerang alone.

My other acquisition was actually bought all the way back in December. I got another Neo Geo Pocket Color console -- this time a nice silver one. Itís actually a Japanese edition because I really had been wanting a minty boxed system. As it happens, this one came bundled with a Japanese Pachinko game which Iíve yet to delve into. But I have played a whole lot of Bust-A-Move Pocket in the last month. Anyway, sorry about the lack of great pics this month. Iíll make up for that next timeÖ

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Riglordsaga and Riglordsaga 2...awesome! Love the American counterpart to Riglordsaga.
Not a bad month though.  I'm lovin' the Virtua Cop box.
I think that with a little more effort you'll be able to develop a strong enough "understanding of English" to get by with some of these games Wink
@dsheinem: lol. I'm an idiot.

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