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Posted on Jan 31st 2013 at 08:19:18 PM by (noiseredux)
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So post-holidays meant I had a bit of mad-money to blow. And I had no problem finding a whole lot of awesome Sega stuff to buy with it. Let's take a look...

Some Sega CD games. I'm especially happy to have a copy of Fatal Fury Special.

I found this boxed Lethal Enforcers gun for $10 locally... except look! The box actually has two of them!

A few games for my US Saturn library. Puzzle Fighter FTW!

These Saturn promos were from my RFGen Secret Santa, Tynstar. I've always wanted that Virtua Feeling sampler.

JJGames had an after-Christmas sale, so I nabbed a bunch of US Dreamcast games on the cheap.

A couple of indie games from Goat Store. The Irides is the limited edition which came with that coin and a nice poster (not pictured).

A couple of Dreamcast Japanese imports, also from Goat Store. They were dirt cheap so I couldn't pass them up. July was a Japanese launch title.

Fellow RFGenner dsheinem sold me these -- the one in the sleeve is the less common Version 2.62 Web Browser.

Planet Ring was a PAL exclusive, and the box set comes with a microphone. There's been rumors of this game getting a private server, so I'm all set if it does. This was also snatched from Goat Store at the very reasonable price of $14.

This fight pad is not so good, though I guess some folks like the programmable buttons. However, it was only $3 and I already had the box to complete it. Also from Goat Store.

Another boxed VMU, along with a sealed US one. The sealed one came from JJGames, and the blue one I found locally. It's so hard to pass up boxed DC stuff if I see it in my travels.

A boxed US keyboard! I had a loose one, but I really wanted a boxed one to match my Japanese one. The box isn't in the best shape, but again I found it locally at a good price so couldn't leave it behind.

And finally a boxed US controller to match my PAL one. This was also from dsheinem.

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Looks like a bunch of good stuff. Glad to see Wing Commander at the top.
cool pickups!
Sweet!  Didn't know they did a Wing Commander for Sega CD.  Nice pickups, and many of them local, too.
I still need to get Wing Commander for SCD too...nice on the indie games. I'll have to get some things from the Goat Store.
If I remember correctly, that Red Justifier is worth a bunch. Nice haul overall!
Noise, is JJ games usually pretty reasonable? Nice snags!
glad to see ya found another keyboard box duder

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