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Posted on Mar 30th 2013 at 07:27:57 PM by (noiseredux)
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Alright so this past month my wife and I moved into our first home. As you might guess this means that March was super-busy, and I really didn't have much time (or disposable income) for collecting. But I did manage to pick up some stuff actually. Let's take a look...

First up was a couple of found surprises. The Sonic comic my wife found while packing. I guess she got it free a few years ago when we went to a video game store on Comic Book day. The Game Gear was mine from childhood and my parents happened to find it in their basement. It works and even has Sonic 2 inside it, though the speaker no longer works. Oh well.

I finally decided to use some Barnes & Noble gift cards I received for Christmas. These are two of the items I purchased. The PSO guide was huge for me as I've been so absorbed in that game lately. Sadly the poster wasn't included in it. The Sega Dreamcast Official Games Guide is a cool book that has tips and tricks for various games.

I also used up some eStarland credit I had been sitting on since before the move. Capcom Vs. SNK has been one of my go-to games this month, and I'm so excited to finally have Grandia II.

Also from eStarland credit was these two complete Neo Geo Pocket Color games. I know NGPC isn't technically Sega, but I consider it the Dreamcast's little sister seeing as how it had connectivity with the console.

While moving I also boxed up a lot of random video game junk I didn't need and finally brought it to my local shop to trade in for credit. So I scored some common Dreamcast games along with Virtua-On which I've actually never seen in the wild before.

...and also got this CIB Make My Video: Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch. an awesome Blue Mary figurine!

So yeah, all in all a pretty good month and not a dollar of my own money spent on any of it. And really the best addition to my collection this month was that I finally have my own dedicated game room!

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Damn, that Blue Mary's gonna have some hellacious back problems later in life.
Nice grabs man and that is awesome you have your own dedicated room.  I will be honest I live by my self and my living room is pretty much a giant man cave of gaming.  But at some point in my life I am either going to rent a 2 bedroom house or a apartment so I can make a gaming specific room.  As much as I love my living room completly game decked out it is not to impressive with the ladies lol.
Great finds. No sound on the Game Gear is a common problem that is typically fixed by swapping out the capacitors. If you're into that type of thing. Some good instructional videos on YouTube.

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