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Posted on Apr 2nd 2013 at 09:52:57 PM by (noiseredux)
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I know I've talked on this blog more than once about how Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 was my first introduction to the Dreamcast more than a decade ago. In fact I was so enamored with that game that when my college roommate moved out (and took his Dreamcast with him) I had to get my own copy along with its prequel. Though at the time I had a PlayStation 2 rather than a Dreamcast of my own, so although I was more than familiar with the original Pro Skater, it would be quite a few years before I got to play this particular version. And just recently I decided I was due for another race to the end-credits.

There's a lot to love about Pro Skater. It's got an excellent soundtrack (I really wish an official soundtrack had been released), it's got a pick-up-and-play quality to it, and plays great. That said, it's always slightly tough to go back to the original game because it's easy to forget that manuals weren't introduced until the second game. This means that chaining combos together was actually a far more difficult affair back then. But once you get over this small snag, it's easy to see that the first game was already pretty close to perfection.

The original Pro Skater is also the hardest game of the series, at least as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps it's because there are actually less goals per level, and they can often be tough ones. Take for instance the Downhill Jam. This level is probably the one I'd consider the hardest of the entire series. But of course some of that could be my own personal play style. But what was fun about my recent playthrough of the game was that I purposely forced myself to patiently complete every single goal in the Downhill Jam. That definitely made it feel like a bigger accomplishment than just coasting to the final tournament by completing goals in other levels instead.

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i love this game, it's the only one in the series i ever really played. i know i finished everything 100% for at least one character (bucky lasek i think was his name). i've never tried the dreamcast version, if those screenshots are from that version i'll have to check it out! it looks a lot nicer than the N64 version i grew up with. i've played a bit of the PSOne version, it's nice that it has FMV which the n64 doesn't have at all, but the aliasing on the graphics in-game really detract from the look of it imo. the controls are better though.
I have so many fond memories from this series, even a couple of the ones that get a lot of hate. The first thing I did when I got a Dreamcast (many years after it was originally on the market) was grab a copy of THPS and THPS2 for it. I have a special place in my gaming history for the first 4 games in this series. Its too bad that its lost its way these past few entries (although I didn't actually mind Downhill Jam).
Going back to THPS is so strange. I remember being so good at it when it came out but as you said we have been spoiled by manuals.

What you forgot to mention was reverts/landtricks from the later releases(3? or was it 4?) those made it even easier to make a gigantic chain.
1. Get a ton of speed
2. hit a halfpipe
3 airtrick, revert, (manual if you did not have enough speed)
4. airtrick off other side, revert, manual,
5. repeat step 4.... a bunch
6 once speed is low grind out of half pipe.
7. manual and landtrick in between grinds.
8 once too slow to grind manual/landtrick as fast as possible for extra multipliers.

It has stages from the first 3 games AND the ability to grind/revert. I don't think landtricking was available/
ya i was always thrown off by manuals when i was told to try the newer games recently. i kept thinking how do you stop doing tricks Lol.

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