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Posted on Jan 25th 2014 at 11:23:57 AM by (noiseredux)
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A couple years back I started blogging heavily here about my experiences collecting (and playing) Dreamcast games. But over time my focus would shift back and forth from Dreamcast to other stuff. The shifting tended to dilute what I envisioned in my mind as the proper way to display my DC collecting. Which is why earlier this month I decided to launch my own site called appropriately enough "noiseredux vs. Dreamcast."

The main reason was that I didn't want to keep this NRvsDC thing going as a blog... I don't really like that format for such an endeavor. I like organization that can only be accomplished via an actual site rather than a blog.

You can head over to to see what I'm talking about.

The new NRvDC site offers up my write-ups (including ones I've migrated from my blog here) on Dreamcast and Neo Geo Pocket games as I explore my own collection. It's important to note that I don't really consider these "reviews." They're generally more anecdotal. Or rambling even. Consider it just a collector's journal. It also has its own blog that I'll use for chronicling my pick-ups.

As far as my blog here - I'll most likely use it for more scattered thoughts. It's not like I'm abandoning RFGen, but this noiseredux vs. Dreamcast site is just really the way I've always envisioned the presentation.

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It looks nice and slick. One of the main reasons I went to an offsite blog was because of the event that we shall refrain from mentioning even in passion, the one whose rule I just broke with this very comment.
I like the look and layout, noise.  Very nice project.
You versus Dreamcast?

You know I like you and all, but... Dreamcast is totally gonna kick your ass. No offense.

I get the feeling, however, that you're okay with that...

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