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Posted on Jul 14th 2010 at 06:40:40 AM by (slackur)
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I won't yet expound upon my views on the 'Video Games as Art' topic in full just yet.  It is 2:15 a.m. and I need some sleep.

What I will proselytize is a free, twenty minute gaming experience I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend to anyone:

(ALERT!!  Turn UP the sound on your computer!! The music tells as much of the narrative as the graphics.)



Go there.  Play.  Yeah.


My thoughts:

While the author has mentioned his desire to leave certain aspects of the experience open to interpretation, a brief glimpse across a few forums on the game highlight a common public construction of narrative consistent with my own.  I don't wish to divulge further for fear of hampering the experience and direction of anyone else.

What I am most impressed with in this game is the delivery;  the purposefully simple style and structure of the interactivity.  Combined with deliberate musical cues and accentuation, a story forms out of the most basic of game elements and ends with a (likely) unexpected meditation.  There is a holistic series of events here, and it may only come together after another play-through or two, picking up the visual and audio clues that were originally overlooked.

Of course, you might just whizz through it and apathetically wonder what I'm carrying on about.

You monster.    ;P

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Very intriguing and interesting.  Isn't it always amusing that when the "Games as Art" discussion gets brought up, Indie Games are always used as examples.  I think that may have something to do with the general way that these games are created, using the old "focusing on only one or two concepts of the game, even if this compromises other features, such as graphics or sound" school of design that many if us value.

Good write up, and I think I'll go back and play the game some more now.
@bombatomba:Glad you enjoyed Smiley

I love finding diamonds in the rough.  Plenty of 'indie' games are pretty terrible, probably within the same percentage of mainstream games, but there are always the hidden gems.  And I agree that the 'indie' approach can perhaps more easily access certain aspects of art because of the relative ease of simplified focus.

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