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Posted on Dec 21st 2010 at 02:58:06 AM by (slackur)
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So this is the part where I pop my head into the office for the first time in a long while, give a half-smile and nod to some surprised faces and a few scowls, and begin stumbling over my apologies for not being around and fulfilling my site duties (blog writing, podcast, etc.)

The last quarter of this year has taken so much out of me due to unplanned and unavoidable circumstances, and for the sake of venting a bit I'll mention a few.  Not to give excuses, but because I hope it will deflate the internal pressure and I will manage to get on top of things again and return to the community here that I cherish and desire to support.

My family placed a great deal of resources toward a short-sale house purchase back in September.  Never do this.  (The short sale part.)  In four months we have not heard from the bank holding the seller's property we were trying to buy, and despite extending the contractual obligations for a return reply, we've gotten to the point that it is costing us too much to continue this pursuit.  The last deadline is fast approaching, and the severe weather around here has since begun to visibly damage the now vacant home.  To say my beloved and I are disheartened is quite the understatement.  We've gone through meetings and phone calls and emails and banks and countless pages of paperwork, taking up a great deal of time and energy.  If we don't hear from the other party before the end of the year, we will not buy the home we've been preparing to move into for all this time.  My wife and I know that if this is not the house for us, God will close the door, and if it is meant to happen, He will open it.  It will be pretty obvious which within a few days.  In the mean time, we've made sure to do everything we can on our end, and it has just exhausted us.

The weather here in Pennsylvania struck early and hard, dumping a near comical amount of snow in short order, and it has taken its own toll on time and energy.

The biggest difficulty, and the one that I'm the most limited to discuss for detail, has to do with family issues.  Blessedly my own immediate family is doing very well, and for that I am truly thankful.  But over the last few months a few situations have come up with other family members that simply defy expectation and shake one down thoroughly, making a person question long held assumptions and wonder how to move forward.  Some decisions do not carry the weight of morality as much as simply a weight of consequence.

I've already received criticism for divulging more detail to others, so I shouldn't really explain further.  But what reserves I had remaining from other scenarios have been completely drained from this last one.  Wrestling my wonderful rug-rats at the end of the day has just left me spent.

I do not intend on further sabbatical or delay from what I ascribe to be my duties here, though I do not intend to be ambitious for a little while longer.  Hopefully the wonderfully patient Bickman and I will get an end-of-the-year podcast out and I can finish up with a blog entry or two.

Any prayers and thoughts sent our way are greatly appreciated, and your local Slackur should be up to better running capacity in short order.

In the meantime, I'll be around, and once some of this is cleared up I plan to be pushing more content than ever. Wink

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I know the situation quite well, Slackur. I'm currently working through closing a deal on a house and it's been 5 months already.

I also went through a deal last year where in the span of 1 month, everything ground to a halt where the most inexplicable things happened:
July 6th: Wife's birthday. Family friend passed away after her battle with cancer.
July 8th: Mother-in-law ended up in the hospital with MERSA after a botched breast reconstruction surgery. She didn't heal from this until about 3 months ago, when they found out that they left some tissue in one of her wounds.
July 15th: Helped sister-in-law pack up and move into her fiancee's apartment since she was sick. Got home at 4am to water pouring out of my apartment. Opened the door to find the entire apartment under 4 inches of water due to a broken washer hose...took 3 days to dry out, was able to replace all destroyed items with renter's insurance.
July 22nd: Sister-in-law ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, caused by a weakened immune system from swine flu.
August 20th: Sister-in-law passed away after her month-long battle.
August 21st: Wife gets an offer for employment and I win a contest for a free 32" 720p TV.

Life sucks, but things will eventually turn around.
Sorry to hear about your problems Slakur.  But like Shadow said, things will get better.  I hope it all works out for you.
Sometimes we all get kicked around a bit. Your doing the right thing in focusing on your family first, and everything else will fall into line.
I was wondering where you've been slackur, so it's nice to hear something from you -- though I'm sorry it's all bad news. I can't imagine the heartbreak you're going through with the house and all, so all I can really do is wish you a happy holiday. Hope things get better for you.
The website is very important to many of us but it always should take a backseat to real world  issues.

Your family is most important and your "online family" will patiently await your return Smiley.

Thanks for checking in with us.
Best of luck with everything and i hope you get the resolutions you want out of all these situations.

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