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Posted on Oct 3rd 2010 at 06:03:23 PM by (Marriott_Guy)
Posted under Accessory Snapshot, Sony Playstation 3, Modern Gaming

Accessory Snapshot

Energizer Power & Play Charging Station
For the Sony Playstation 3

Keeping your controllers fully charged is obviously important in today's age of wireless gaming.  Of equal importance is having an organized, spot-on display within my Room of Doom.  The Energizer Power & Play Charging Station was just what the doctor ordered for this gamer.

I have never been a big fan of the USB method utilized by Sony to charge standard issue controllers and certain peripherals.  Though thoroughly effective, it is not the most convenient process known to man.  The Energizer Power & Play Charging Station eases this process considerably.

This handy, compact device can simultaneously charge up to four (4) standard DualShock 3 or Sixaxis controllers in around 2.5 hours.  Two are easily docked directly into the station while two additional USB ports provide access to charge other peripheral accessories (i.e. microphone). The station alerts you to the charging status or each via the not so subtle lighting display (red = charging; green = complete).  The performance is outstanding - I have not experienced any decrease in game play time as compared to controllers charged through conventional means.  This excellence is also reflected in its overall design.

The oval, classic black chassis of the Energizer Power & Play Charging Station is nicely accented with a mirrored-silver front nameplate.  The lighting indicators are extremely vibrant but not to the point of being offensive.  The end result is an extremely clean, modern look that will not only compliment your Playstation 3 system, but will enhance your general display.

Overall the Energizer Power & Play Charging Station truly delivers on all accounts by providing exceptional functionality in a sleek, contemporary presentation. 


Reliably charges up to four (4) USB devices at once

Compact yet stylish design compliments any Room of Doom

Cleans up that mess of mini USB cables hanging off your PS3 like umbilical cords


Plastic construction feels a little fragile

The base could be a bit heavier to provide better stability when docking a controller

Externally powered by an included AC adaptor, so you will need to free up a spot on that surge protector for this unit


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Got two of these and use them every day.  The best credit that I can give them is that they have performed so flawlessly that I don't even think about them anymore.  I got them both separately on clearance and, once set up, haven't worried about charging four controllers or either wireless headset I typically use.  The finish and color look great next to Sony's evil black box, and easily match the rest of the entertainment stuff around it.  They could stand to be a little heavier and more solid feeling, but mine have held up just fine.

I'm really just echoing Marriott_Guy here:
Highly recommended.
@slackur: I just got mine around three months ago and couldn't be happier with them.  I am glad to hear that they hold up well over the course of time, despite their plastic casing.  You can also score these on the cheap which is a definite plus.
I don't have these, but I've seen them. I don't have any more room in my entertainment center for another charging base. I have a pair of these: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3876532&CAWELAID=424974299 that I got on clearance for $2 each or something. These look much slicker than the ones I have though. I also didn't know they did four devices. I thought they only did the two controllers. Good review!
@bickman2k:Thanks Adam - glad you enjoyed the review.  Having the 4 controller charging option is very nice.  Once I rearrange my Room of Doom after my sale, I am not sure if I will keep this in my main display underneath my HDTV or not.  It is small enough that I don't have to worry about it much, but being a bit of an OCD gamer I am thinking that I will have all of my controllers/chargers in one place away from my main display.
Thanks for the tip. When the day comes that I break down and get a PS3 i'll most likely grab one of these. Its nice to hear something good about 3rd party accessories for once. Its so easy to just stay awak from them all together that I forget sometimes there are good products.

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