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Posted on Sep 1st 2008 at 10:27:05 PM by (TraderJake)
Posted under Classic Gaming, Free, RTS, Red Alert, RIP Westwood

Hey, I bet you like games. You're here, right? Chances are that you even have a computer. In fact, I'd almost guarantee that you have a computer. Anyways, on a rare occasion, some people like to give out something truly awesome for free. You see, as a kid, I really enjoyed the game Red Alert. It was a fun time spent playing as the Soviets, reeking havoc on the allied bases and infantry with MiGs and Tesla Coils. Oh my oh my, good times to be had. So yes, imagine my surprise to find out that EA, the cold corporation you love to hate, has decided to let you download Red Alert for free. That's right... free. How can you turn down free? I bet you can't and you'll use the link below to get the game as quickly as humanly possible.

Get Red Alert for Free (Scroll Down Page)

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*yay* Free games! Cheesy

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