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Posted on Oct 5th 2017 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
Posted under Disney Afternoon, Disney, Capcom, Hidden Gems

I am a child of the 80's/90's and all of the nostalgia that comes with it. The Disney Afternoon was a staple of my childhood and the Capcom developed games were a great way to play in the worlds of DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, and Talespin. Frank Cifaldi and Mike Mika of Digital Eclipse showed their love of these properties when they released the Disney Afternoon Collection on XB1, PC, and PS4. Everybody get ready, it's time for the Disney Afternoon.

Titles Included:

 Rescue Rangers
 Ducktales 2
 Rescue Rangers 2
 Darkwing Duck

As soon as you start the Disney Afternoon Collection, you're greeted by a menu screen that fits with the 90's aesthetic with the odd shapes and contrasting colors while a chiptune version of the Disney Afternoon theme plays. Each game has a decent amount of extras including scans of the original game boxes, concept artwork, and character sheets. Each game also includes its accompanying soundtrack in all their chiptune glory and sounds identical to a real NES. It is disappointing that only the NES versions of the games are included, as the Game Boy versions would have made a great addition.

The menus successfully capture the 90s aesthetic.

Under the hood the engine is same emulation engine as Megaman Legacy Collection, so gameplay is smooth and has all of the display options one would expect such as a scan line filter and a professional monitor emulator. The ability to rewind gameplay is a nice addition, especially in TailSpin where it can start raining bullets. I did have a minor issue when I tried save-stating a game. After a save state is created, it stops any movement so if your character was walking right you have to start pressing right again. For those purists who want to play exactly as they did on their NES, this won't be an issue.

Each game looks pixel perfect

The Disney Afternoon Collection is a great way to experience these games and is the first time these games have ever been re-released. I would have liked to see the Game Boy versions included and a physical release would have been great, but this is a great start and with the recent price cuts on PSN and XBL, I would grab it as soon as you can before Disney decides these titles need to go back in to the vault.

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How is the lag? did they program them to adjust to the new TVs?
@douglie007: The only lag I noticed was when I used the save state feature. It took a second or so after saving to register input.
Does the compilation have challenges for each game for players after they have finished each title?
@Crabby: There aren't any challenges in this compilation. Instead there are two speed run modes, boss rush and Time Attack.
@Addicted: Speed Run mode sounds intrgueing!
I love that this is actually a thing, especially since I missed out on a bunch of these games.  I do agree that it is a loss that the GB games weren't also included, but maybe in the next volume.  Actually, what I'm really bummed is that this hasn't been a 3DS release.  Given the relative power of the platform, it seems a perfect fit.  I mean, MM Legacy is certainly.

Physical and I'm in!

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