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Posted on May 8th 2019 at 12:00:00 PM by (MetalFRO)
Posted under Switch N Shoot, Nintendo, Switch, eShop, download, shooter, shmup, shooting game, STG, shoot em up, Galaga, indie game

[img width=700 height=350]https://i2.wp.com/cliqist.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/SwitchNShoot.jpg?fit=1600%2C800&ssl=1[/img]
Title screen image shamelessly linked from Cliqist

Do you like Galaga? Do you like Space Invaders? Do you like Gorf? What about Phoenix? If you like blasting alien baddies in 8-bits, with simple, arcade style and fun, then boy, have I got a game for you! Switch 'N' Shoot, on the Nintendo Switch, might just scratch that old school arcade shooter itch you've been nursing.

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Posted on Dec 4th 2007 at 12:02:19 AM by (OatBob)
Posted under Nintendo, DS, DSvision, download, microSD, flash, AM3, Dai Nippon Printing

Nintendo strikes back at modders!  Piracy with the R4-Revolution for DS system has been running rampant, with surprisingly weak legal barriers to stop it.  While it isn't necessarily advertised, the R4 system has been a large contributor to DS piracy in certain countries.  Outside Japan it has become a hot import item due to ease of use.  The user simply plugs it in and turns on the DS, without the need for any hacks or mods.

Enter Nintendo's alternative, the DSvision.  The hardware components seems nearly identical, consisting of a microSD card reader for the DS, a microSD card, and a microSD card to USB 2.0 adapter for PC.   The difference is that the DSvision parts are all proprietary, with built in copyright protection.

The manufacturing of the DSvision system is being handled by AM3 and Dai Nippon Publishing, with an expected shipment date in March 2008.  A web site to host content is also proposed; offering pictures, movies, and digital novels and comics both for purchase and for free.  The site is expected to host 300 titles at launch, and expand to over 10,000 titles by 2010.  Each title will sell for around 1000¥ (US$10).  The kit itself will cost 3980¥ (US$37), and will include a 512MB microSD card.  It appears that this too may shape up to be a hot import item.  Combined with the TV tuner and web browser, the DS is shaping up to be a big portable media machine after all.

More information is available on the Japanese DSvision website.

Posted on Aug 7th 2007 at 06:59:11 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Wii, Nintendo, Updates, Download

If you have your Wii hooked up to WiiConnect24, you'll notice that the blue light surrounding your disc slot is glowing. You know what that means. No, not that someone sent you a message because no one uses the message sending feature anymore. So, that leaves only one possiblity, Nintendo has something to tell you! This time, it's a firmware update. This update adds many nifty features to your Wii. Here's a listing of the new features from Nintendo's website.

Wii Menu
- The weather forecast will now be displayed on the Forecast Channel icon in the Wii Menu.
- Headline news will now be displayed on the News Channel icon in the Wii Menu.
- The current time will now be displayed in the Wii Menu.
- The area around the Wii Message Board button will now flash when a message arrives..

Wii Message Board
- You're now able to rearrange the order of your Wii Friends in the address book.
- You're now able to go into the Wii Friends registration screen by pressing the A Button on a blank spot in the address book.
- Envelope message icons will now appear on the calendar only on the dates when a message is received.
- Your message sending history will now be displayed in Today's Accomplishments.
- You can now scroll the message text by pressing the B button on the message screen.

Wii Shop Channel
- The search function on Virtual Console has been enhanced.

So, it took Nintendo eight months to realize that it would be nice to rearrange your Wii Friends, add friends by just clicking an empty slot, and see the weather without having to select the Weather Channel? Wow. They are really on top of their game! Wink

What's sad is that this is the most useful firmware update the Wii has ever had. And what's that?! A DIGITAL CLOCK! WHOAMG! That's next-gen technology next there!

(Image from Kotaku.com)

P.S. I like the Wii, but I just like poking fun at how behind the times it is.

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