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Posted on Nov 23rd 2014 at 12:00:00 AM by (singlebanana)
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The season of giving is upon us and what better way to support a good cause than to donate to RF Generation. RF Generation is a free, no advertising or pop-ups, non-profit site in which all database contributions come from our members. Our staff (who are all unpaid) works hard to provide content and to keep information up-to-date and user friendly. However, the costs associated with running this site are not free (...or cheap) and we need YOUR help to keep our servers running through 2015. All donations will go directly to our server account and our goal is to raise $1000 by December 31, 2014, which combined with donations from the previous year, will keep us going through 2015. I will provide updates on the front page throughout the following weeks to help monitor how close we are to obtaining our goal. You can donate by following the link provided here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...m/index.php?action=paypal.

We ask that you donate any amount you can, if you are able, and this year our generous staff has donated some very nice items to raffle off to donors. An explanation of the raffle rules and prize lots are below and you can see more pictures of the prizes on our discussion thread (http://www.rfgeneration.c...x.php?topic=14799.new#new).

This year's raffle will consist of 6 item lots. For every $10 donated, each member will receive a ticket for the raffle (i.e. if you donate $40, you will receive 4 entries). At the end of the donation drive, 6 names will be randomly drawn from the entries (drawing to be videoed) and winners will be allowed to select the lot of their choosing based on draw order. For instance, the first name drawn will select their lot first, the second name drawn will select their lot second, and so on; the sixth name drawn will receive the final, remaining lot. Participants will only be allowed to win one (1) lot, so if your name is drawn more than once, you retain your highest selection position and another name will be drawn.

**Added Bonus** - ANYONE who donates at least $20 will not only receive two (2) entries for the raffle, but will also receive Episode 0 of the RFGeneration Community Playthrough Wrap-Up. This was the podcast's never-released, pilot episode and includes discussions of Parasite Eve (PSX) and Kingdom Hearts (PS2).


**More pictures of lot contents on the discussion thread.**

Lot #1 - The Nintendo Lot - This lot includes the following 20 loose NES titles: Heavy Shreddin', Bases Loaded 2, Side Pocket, Road Runner, Silent Service, Double Dribble, Fester's Quest, 720, Lunar Pool, Blades of Steel, RBI Baseball (Tengen), Excitebike, Ice Hockey, Paperboy, Rad Racer, Super Mario Bros. 3, The Legend of Zelda (gold cart), Stinger, and Top Gun. Also includes loose GBA titles Yoshi's Island: SMBA3 and Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms.

Lot #2 - The Playthrough Lot - The winner of this lot gets to pick a game for either an upcoming retro or modern monthly playthrough (month TBD). They also get to participate in the podcast for the month they picked. Lot also includes a replica ocarina collectible (LoZ: OOT), a ladies medium Ico shirt, an XL Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance t-shirt, and a loose copy of Shadowrun for the Genesis.

Lot #3 - The PSP lot - The winner of this lot receives a PSP handheld and the following titles: Lemmings, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Lumines II, Jak & Daxter, Resistance, GTA Vice City, Daxter, Dark Mirror, SOCOM, LocoRoco 2, and Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

**Also includes a handheld PSP, not pictured**

Lot #4 - The Collector's Lot - The winner of this lot gets to pick the show topic for an upcoming episode of the Collectorcast and also receives a Sunsoft CES "press kit" with info for The Terminator (among other games), a PAX exclusive Uncharted 3 t-shirt, a sealed DDR SuperNova 15 song sampler CD, a sealed Suikoden V mini artbook, and a sealed copy of Persona 3: FES (PS2).

Lot #5 - The Something Old, Something New Lot - The winner of this lot receives the following retro games (loose unless otherwise noted): 2600 - Asteroids, Missile Command (Tele-Games), Pac-Man, Combat, Defender, Golf (CIB), Breakout (CIB), Enduro (CIB) -- INTV - Astrosmash, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (CIB x 2), NFL Football (CIB), Backgammon (CIB), Checkers (box only), Demon Attack (CIB), Super Video Game Soccer (CIB), Lock 'n Chase x 2 (1 is CIB), Space Armada, Bowling, Loco Motion -- 5200 - Frogger. You will also receive a copy of MGS3: Snake Eater for PS2 (CIB) and MGS4: Guns of the Patriots for PS3 (CIB).

Lot #6 - The Steam Key Lot - The winner of this lot receives an Assassin's Creed III t-shirt (XL), the Steam key for Humble Indie Bundle 3, and 25 Steam keys of his/her choice from the following list:     

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome
And Yet It Moves
Anomaly 2
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
Dear Esther
Dustforce DX
FTL: Faster Than Light Advanced Edition
Faerie Solitaire Steam Key
Frozen Synapse
Jack Lumber
Legend of Grimrock
Little Inferno
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3
Revenge of the Titans
Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete
Solar 2
Super Hexagon
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Teleglitch: Die More Edition
The Bard's Tale
The Bridge
The Swapper
Thomas Was Alone
Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers
To the Moon
Zenbound 2
King Arthur's Gold
Metro 2033

Humble Indie Bundle 3:
Crayon Physics Deluxe
And Yet It Moves
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
Atom Zombie Smasher

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our staff this year in terms of the raffle prizes and would like to express my sincere thanks for not only this, but for the hard work you all put in throughout the year! Please show your appreciation and donate.

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awesome raffle prizes! good luck to everyone who donates Smiley
I'll see if I can scrape a few shekels together to throw into the pot... but I make no promises.
We can do it! Let's make this donation drive a success.

The raffle prizes are awesome. One of my favourite games is even in a lot.
@Fleach: Silent Service is EVERYONES favorite game Wink
Discussion thread created and a link added to front page post. New pictures of prizes in the discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.com/forum/index.php?topic=14799.new#new
I'll be glad to make another generous donation this time around. Won't be as much as the last drive though.
@Crabmaster2000:  You beat me to it, Crabby.
I of course will be donating once again this year. Can't wait til payday this weekend!
That is A LOT of donated goodies...
@Izret101: Our staff has been especially kind this year. Wink
Man that is a lot of awesome stuff.  Look at all those Steam keys!  Those PSP games!  Awesome!
@bombatomba: Not only PSP games, but a system to play them on as well. Cheesy

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