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Posted on May 25th 2010 at 10:20:26 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under Modern Gaming, Insomniac Games, Sony, Microsoft, PS3, 360, Fanboy Insanity

OH GOD! SOUND THE FANBOY ALARMS! Insomniac Games, longtime developer of exclusive Sony properties like Spyro (before it got sold to Universal), Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance have sold their souls to the devil! They are teaming up with EA Partners and making a new IP that will appear on PS3 and 360! This is the first time Insomniac has made a game for anything other than a Sony platform, and Sony fanboys are going absolutely apeshit with negativity over the announcement. "RATCHET AND RESISTANCE ARE GOING TO EA! THEY SOLD THEMSELVES OUT TO THE DEVIL! THE WORLD'S ENDING! HAVING A GAME ON ANOTHER SYSTEM ONLY SPELLS DOOM!" hahaha no.

Insomniac has been never owned by anyone. They're independent and will remain so, but they still have strong ties to Sony. Sony still owns the big franchises, AND Insomniac is going to be doing further games in those series exclusively for Sony. As Insomniac's CEO Ted Price said, they will continue working on games with Sony. It's just this new IP that's going to be done with EA that will be on 360. However, some Sony fans can't really understand that and throwing huge fits about it. They just see the words "Insomniac making a 360 game" and go into instarage mode.

no see you just took a huge shit on sony so no-one who has a ps3 will like you no excuses sell outs
You money grabbing tossers. Im telling you now, if Ratchet and Clank standards continue to slip, and us PS3 owners get a WORSE game to conform to XBOX mechanics, i will never buy another Insomniac Game again.
i just wanted to say !!WHAT THE F***!! joining with EA that's one of the dumbest shit i ever heard in my gaming history. EA is going to f*** you over so bad i can't wait to see your faces and what you guys have to say. GOOD LUCK. the only thing that doesn't bother me is at least it's not with Activision and that it's going multiplatform.
you guys just lost alot of fans and respect for going multi!!! you aren't getting any money from me anymore jackass and trust me LOYALTY and RESPECT goes along way so f*** you Insomniac games!
Couldn't care less right now. I feel like your any other game studio out there and it's all about the $$$.
I will never buy an insomniac game ever again and I own every single one you have ever made. Congrates, your fan base that you have built on for over a decade is now gone and all the respect with it, have fun with those 360 fanboys

This deal is kinda unique though. As Kotaku said, there's never been a situation like this before. It's not really like Rare because Rare was owned by Nintendo then got sold to MS. Not really like Bungie because they still appear to be loyal to Sony and are willing to work on the franchises that made them a big name in the first place. It's not like Square because they aren't leaving one company to go to another (like they did with Nintendo to Sony). Not like Factor 5 or Sega either. It's a pretty unique deal and I'm excited to see what comes of it.

I wish the best of luck to Insomniac with their new IP, and hope it's a huge hit. They really deserve it. In the meantime, let's just laugh at all the fanboy hilarity that this move has generated.

In conclusion:
Stupid decision Insomniac, Hope your new project fails!!!

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I love how because they are going to be multiplatform PS3 nutjobs(not all owners just the ones you quoted) immediately seem to be striking out against all 360 owners. Like i was asking for Ratchet and Clank on 360. Or the HALO FAN BOIS! want Resistance?

As was also stated in an above quote. It's all about the benjamins.

Anyways interesting read here

Would have never bothered checking that out if it wasn't for this blog. Thanks Tony Smiley

Yeah. It's kinda sad that they aren't really reading into the news. Everything is still the same. They're still really close to Sony and working on games for them, they're just branching out a little. But really, most of the comments I've seen have been rather supportive of their decision, but there are those nutjobs out there.
Sweet I can finally play one of their games!
@Tynstar:Aside from Uncharted, you weren't missing anything
I always feel like a few brain cells are dieing off when I read fanboy comments.

Still if I was a fanboy I would be more worried about Insomniac partnering with EA than publishing a 360 game, given EA's history of devouring independent developers.
Lol @ all the pissed off commentators (in the blog, not here) talking about "loyalty & respect". In my mind I hear them say it like gangsters, throwing up sings and stuff. Hilarious.

@Link41: The Ratchet & Clank series is very nice as well.
@Link41: That's Naughty Dog, not Insomniac. :p

@Seno: It's not really EA, but their partners program. It basically funds and distributes games by 3rd parties but still allows them creative control of their properties. Valve uses it for L4D, Double Fine for Brutal Legend, Crytek for Crysis, and Harmonix for Rock Band. It's been a fantastic program since they've started it. Here's a tl;dr article about the history of the EA Partners thing: http://gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2010/05/25/a-history-of-ea-partners.aspx

@Sirgin: Look on GameFaqs and the Insomniac Facebook. That's where a lot of the hilarity is coming from.
@Tondog:lol, I always get those two mixed up.
They are very buddy buddy. The confusion is sorta kinda understandable :-P
One made Crash one made Spyro.
@Tondog - About EA Partners thanks for saying that. EA Partners has actually helped get some damn good games released. Activision in my opinion is the new evil publisher. EA seems to be better. And I use to HATE EA.
Did Sony retain the rights to Resistance and Ratchet & Clank?
@dom meatball: Nevermind, got my answer.

Interesting article, EAP at the moment are publishing some good games and working with developers but it seems very dependent on what mood the management is in, as opposed to the company's mission.

DICE and DreamWorks where both using EAP before they were bought outright by EA. They may be working to shake off there evil empire reputation but I can't help but be suspicions of anything involving EA and independent developers

Still I might be a bit bias as some of my favourite developers like Bullfrog, Origin and Maxis all got fed to the EA machine.
While I personally would rather Naughty Dog make some multi-platform games, I think the news of Insomniac doing it makes it hurt more.  Personally, the screams and almost child-like whinings of fanboys are really the only thing that keeps me going, these days.  The ringtone for anonymous numbers on my cellphone is the sound a fanboy makes when he finds out that SOCOM is coming to the Wii...
@bombatomba: Is that really your ringtone? That's golden.
I guess the 20 people who bought PS3's are up in arms over this now are they?
I'm just kidding Tongue, I kid the Sony faithful. I am looking forward to what this might bring to the table for both systems.

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