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Posted on Aug 18th 2009 at 10:05:59 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under Modern Gaming, PlayStation 3, Sony, PS3, Price Cut, Rumors FINALLY Confirmed

Today at the gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany, Sony finally confirmed all the rumors of the PS3 Slim. The new unit will be 33% smaller and 36% lighter than the existing models. Most importantly, it will launch on September 1st for $299. Can't wait that long? All PS3 systems are now $299, effective tomorrow.

Here's SCEI CEO Kaz Hari unveiling the new PS3 model at the gamescom press conference. It also gives you an idea just how much smaller it is when he holds the system in his hands.

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I still can't afford one Sad
Maybe next year I'll get one with my income tax return.  As is, I aint saving 2 or more months for one.  Good start all the same.
Nice, I'll be tempted to buy one of those (after a few months of course, in case any problems with early models pop up. Wink)
Still not the $199.99 or lower price point that I'm targeting. I'll continue to wait.
Looks good IMHO but its kinda expensive..
Looks sweet. I want one. Tongue
do want.
Very nice. Time for me to get a second PS3.
I do like the look of the system, and the fact it takes less power. But seriously? Still no PS2 support? YOU STILL THINK NOT BEING COMPATIBLE WITH THE BEST SELLING VIDEO GAME SYSTEM IN HISTORY IS STILL A GOOD MARKET DESCISION?! Also, I still find there is no large list of games to make me even WANT a PS3 so I won't buy this version.
@gamepopper101: Stop whining about the backwards compatibility. The NES is arguably the best video game system in history, but did the SNES had NES support? No it didn't. Did that stop people from buying SNES's? No it didn't.

If there aren't enough PS3 games that interest you, don't buy a PS3. If you want to play PS2 games, buy a PS2 at a flea market for dirt cheap. Or buy a brand new one for dirt cheap. Don't buy a PS3 to play PS2 games, that's rediculous and wasting your money.
I agree about the backwards compatibility. Microsoft touted it first, then gave up on it. Sony had near 100% BC, then ~80%, then nothing. Only Nintendo with their similar hardware had a reasonable way of maintaining BC, just clock down the chip and reroute the controller ports.

That said, everyone knew this was coming. It uses less power, which is nice, but the one thing that I have noticed is that while it is shorter and less wide, it appears to be deeper. The overhead shots I've seen have it deeper than the current model. This leads me to believe that they have done some work on the motherboard that, instead of only making it smaller, has shifted things to the back to make the appearance on the front smaller.
A better price and a slim model are good things.  I think this came too late in the game.
No BC?  Realy?  Not worth my time then.  Maybe once they start releasing games I want I'll reconsider.  I'd rather buy old stuff.  Or a 360.  Atleast the 360 has BC.  PS3 cant do what the Wii or 360 does?  Now that's something to laugh about.
Still 299 too much. Although I do want to play Uncharted 1 and 2 and God of War III. Other then that nothing I want to play that I cant play on the 360. And I dont like Blu Ray movies.
@Tynstar: Just admit the true reason you don't want a PS3 is because it doesn't have gamerscore. :p
I want.
@Tondog: I don't get how many people say they "don't like Blu Ray movies." You don't like a better picture and better audio when watching your TV? Are you still using a black and white TV because "you don't like color" when watching TV? I LOVE watching Blu Ray movies. I still use my computer for media streaming for TV episodes, but you can't tell me that any Pixar movie would not be enjoyable in 1080p with 5.1 audio. Upconverting is not bad on the PS3, but when you have a 1080p source, it is SWEET!
@Sirgin: The thing is, Sony has a history of including BC in their latest consoles (save the PSP for obvious reasons), and nobody said that they were going to use their PS3 *just* to play PS2 and PS1 games. That would be ridiculous as you said. Personally, I'd like to be able to do those things on the slim, with the bonuses of being able to play PS3 games and watch Blu-Ray movies all on the same system. I could get an older PS3 for that, but I don't have the space for one.
@bickman2k: I don't have a 1080p TV (I have 720p/1080i) and don't plan on buying one anytime soon. So Blu-Ray is not for me, either, because I wouldn't want to pay for this technology because on my TV, the improved video quality wouldn't be utilized.

I'll stick to my goal of not buying a PS3 until they have a $199.99 or less version (with a minimum of 40gb) bundled with God of War 3. Cool
Wow. That's a pretty nice price cut. That was the only thing holding me back from buying one. Very tempting, indeed.
Still a bit too pricey for me. It's getting there though. Not enough games to make me want to spend that much however.

I'll keep my eye on it.
I'm also upset about the Backwards compatibility...in this day and age, I feel it is very important to be backwards compatible. I own every system required for the older games I own, but at the same time, backwards compatibility is a huge selling point for me.
Also, the lineup is terrible for the PS3. I would play like two games...although my wife is really wanting to play Little Big Planet...ugh...lol
PS3? Terrible lineup? Really? Wow. Uncharted, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, Killzone 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Warhawk, and the multitude of PSN exclusives don't appeal to you? Interesting. And mind you, that's just exclusive games.
We must also not forget new games planned for the future, such as Final Fantasy XIII and The Last Guardian.
@Boshamp: So, what games appeal to you? Everyone says that there's "only a couple" that they would play, but they never mention anything. As Tondog said, there are a ton of great games that are exclusive along with the multiplatform games.

@Tondog: What about MAG and its 256 player games.
There are a TON of PS3 exclusives that make the PS3 worth getting.  The old argument that there aren't any good PS3 games is long over.

Still not enough games at this point for me to make that purchase (games I would like). I'm sorry, I just can't justify it at this time. That's my own personal feelings.

That being said, I'll pick one up eventually.

I'm on the fence for this argument.
Yes there are decent titles available for the system now But your list is pretty lackluster IMO...
Uncharted is 2 years old
Warhawk is 2 years old. Also wasn't it like 100$s for the "complete" bundled copy?
MotorStorm is 2 years old

Killzone 2,Infamous and i guess Valkyria  was worth mentioning.

Cross platform titles are really of no consequence to me personally. I don't set out with the intention of owning multiple consoles just to buy the same games for them and compare and contrast. I buy a system ONLY for the exclusives.

As for the final fantasy game(s) how many of you own a GCN/Wii/DS/360/PS2/PSP/PS3 just for all the final fantasy games and/or DLC released for them? There is really never a reason to buy a system just for ONE game IMO.

No i am not antiPS3 i want one and there are some good games out there for it now but i don't see the point in defending the system with

IF i was interested in moving to BluRay it would cost my 300 for the PS3 another several hundred for a 1080p TV ontop of the cost of buying new BluRay movies. I'm not interested in spending over a grand right now when all my DVDs still look fine to me

I'll catch the wave of the future but its going to be a couple years down the road and i want to make sure all the kinks are worked out before i buy a new slim model.
@Izret101: Amen brother!

@captain_nintendo: I agree. Most of the exclusives that Tondog mentioned are of no interest to me. Right now the only PS3 exclusives that would appeal to me moderately are Uncharted and LBP. The only future exclusives that hold my interest are The Last Guardian and God of War 3. As far as their shooter exclusives, they may be great games, but I'll stick to what I have on the 360.

Just my $.02.
I don't want to turn this into the PS3 vs. Xbox 360 discussion. lol

But I also don't want people shoving their opinions in my face saying "You have to buy this now."

Trust me, I want a PS3. I will eventually buy a PS3. There just aren't enough games on MY radar to warrant the purchase at this time. I'm sure I will revisit this around holiday season time Smiley

Because I'll be buying a nice HDTV, and there will be several more games on the PS3 that I want by then.
@captain_nintendo: Understood 100%
"Uncharted is 2 years old"
Uncharted 2 is out October 13.

"Warhawk is 2 years old. Also wasn't it like 100$s for the "complete" bundled copy?"
More like $60. Also the Bluetooth headset that came with it is shitty. It's only $30 or so in stores and on PSN now.

"MotorStorm is 2 years old"
Motorstorm Pacific Rift came out last year.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Resistance 1 and 2. Both fantastic exclusives. Also PS3 has the best baseball game with MLB The Show, and it's only on the Playstation platforms.

Sorry but you and Phoenix did already. Cheesy
I figured you would be going for the updated versions.

But still i think i have a pretty valid point in the cost of purchasing the system and actually being able to utilize its full potential.

Hell if i want to get the most out of my 360 i still need to get a 600$+ tv and a sound system.
The only reason i got the 360 was because i was able to get the RE5 bundle for considerably less than the MSRP and i had a decent library of games i had picked up for >5$ at tagsales or through an old M$ sales training program.

I just don't think i am the only person who thinks that even with the price cut it is still not a worthwhile purchase because of the heavy upfront investment to get all the new games/movies/TV for it.
@ Izret:  You don't really need to buy a 1080P tv.  Both the PS3 and 360 can now support games up to 1080P, but most people still use a 720p/1080i tv.

But I totally understand what you're saying about the upfront cost of getting new games for it.  That, and the failure rate of the 360 are making me delay my purchase of  360 a few more years down the road when things get cheaper.
I want to turn this into a 360 PS3 debate considering most people are on the 360 side of the fence. Name 3 good 360 exclusives coming out soon. And note, Mass Effect 2 does not count since it is going multiplatform.
Crackdown 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Halo 3 ODST all on the near horizon for 360
I just want to throw this out there. I have all three current gen systems, and even after growing up on Nintendo systems, I play my 360 more than anything else. It's not just about what exclusives came out at launch, what are out now, what are coming out later. It's not about the online, it's not even about the pricing or hard drive sizes. It's just that I like playing it more than the Wii or PS3.
The games are fun and  the controller feels good, that's all I really care about when it comes down to it.
I want to burn a PS2 game so i can play it in my PS3
I am gonna burn it using TOAST Titanium but does someone know if this should work if the game has copy protection or something?
Does someone know a way to do this?

how to burn ps3 games
burning ps3 games

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