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Posted on May 13th 2010 at 09:43:53 PM by (Tondog)
Posted under Modern Gaming, PC, Windows, Mac, Steam, Free, GO DOWNLOAD NOW

Hey, remember this little game by the name of Portal? It came out just over two years ago to massive critical acclaim and gained tons of awards all the while spawning memes all over the internet? Have you played that game yet? If not, what's wrong with you? Like really, you're missing out big time, buddy.

However, now's your chance to correct this issue. In celebration of Steam coming to the Mac after all these years as a Windows only affair, Valve has decided to offer up the full uncut version of their game Portal on both Windows and Mac as a gift to the masses (until  May 24).

If you haven't played Portal, now's the time. It's a fairly short game (about 3 hours or so), but it's one of the more satisfying games I've ever played. It never overstays its welcome and is excellently paced. And of course, once you're done playing Portal, there are oodles of fan-made mods that you can partake in, such as Portal: Prelude, maps from Portal: The Flash Version, and many others.

So my only question is, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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Got it. I can't wait until they release TF2 for Mac Steam. That'll be great!
This was a triumph.
I should play this on The Orange Box then?
@OatBob: I'm making a note here: huge success.
@slackur: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Awesome, gonna download it right away!
Still not interested for some reason Tongue
Nice, I could use an excuse like this to play through Portal again.
@Crabmaster2000: Portal is an AWESOME puzzle game. It will run on pretty much any PC. It's completely free. First download steam @steampowered.com. Once you've got Steam (free), make an account (free) and go to the store, you'll probably see a link for Portal right there. Click it. You don't need to fill in credit card info or any other crap like that. It'll start downloading (3,880MB). My download was finished in just over 10min (granted I have a fairly fast DL speed).

Even if you somehow don't want to play it now or can't download the game, you should STILL download Steam (1,5MB). Just by clicking on Portal it will get "registered to your account" and anywhere you go, at any time, on any PC or Mac, when you log in your account, you'll be able to download Portal on that computer for free.

Trust me, you'll like it!
@Sirgin: Just to clarify: by "register to your account" I mean that the game (Portal) will be linked to your account, forever, regardless of whether or not you download the actual game. Just do that, and you can come back in 3 years time, log in your account and you'll see Portal sitting in your "Library", waiting for you to download it.
I just have zero interest in PC games, First Person games and Downloadable games. Even for free I dont see it as interesting. Thanks for the info though, I do appreciate it!!

Yeah, but, this is Portal. It's fun as hell.

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